Restaurant owners want to pay less for deliveries

Restaurant owners want to pay less for deliveries

The Association des restaurateurs du Québec (ARQ) intends to put pressure on the government of Quebec, so that it regulates the sometimes “exorbitant” commissions of the various delivery platforms, in anticipation of the curfew in effect as of this Saturday.

Restaurant owners breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday, when they will be able to continue their activities beyond 8 p.m., despite the curfew.

Life buoy

Now, they hope to be able to benefit from a better price with the different delivery platforms, since they will be used more than ever to deliver meals.

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Francois Meunier
President of the ARQ

“For us, this is a priority because of our extremely limited ability to make sales in the current context,” said François Meunier, president of the ARQ from the start.

“Delivery will be pretty much the only lifeline available to us, at least for the next four weeks, so that further underscores the exorbitant fees charged by third parties,” he continues.

Right now, delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash take commissions of around 30% on every delivery made.

The ARQ cites Ontario and British Columbia as an example, which have reduced commissions for this type of delivery to 15%.

“Major gain”

Restaurant owners, who confirm in large numbers that they are not profitable without their dining room, believe that this drop would be of great help.

“It would be a major gain. Currently, from take-out, we hardly do any, because people move less and less. With platforms, 30% are flying off. If we are able to reach 15%, that would certainly help, ”argues Frédéric Desrosiers, from Taverne Grande Allée and Snack Bar Saint-Jean.

“If the ARQ pushes in this direction and the government succeeds in convincing third parties to reduce our commissions, it would certainly help us”, continues Mickaël Garneau, manager of the Chic Shack.

No choice

Mike Copeman, a shareholder at the Poutineville restaurant, also welcomes the idea of ​​reducing commissions. He says delivery platforms are so popular that restaurateurs have no choice but to do business with them.

“We do our deliveries ourselves, but we can’t match Uber Eats,” he argues.

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