Restaurateurs want to challenge Quebec

Restaurant owners want to challenge Quebec


With no news from Quebec City about the reopening of their establishments, restaurateurs intend to challenge the Legault government. 

A movement led by owners of restaurants is taking shape on social networks and demands that establishments open their dining rooms to full capacity on January 30. 

“National mass movement (without QR). All together, next January 30. Quebec belongs to us. Let's take back our rights! Civil disobedience to protect the future of our children”, can we read on the poster.

Among those intending to protest against the measure imposed by the government is the Kesté restaurant in Montreal.

“We will open at FULL capacity on Sunday January 30, 2022. We can no longer comply with these arbitrary measures which have proven to be INEFFECTIVE in solving the problem that we are all facing”, we write in a publication relaying the poster in question.

Recall that restaurateurs were forced to close their dining rooms on December 31 when the Prime Minister announced a series of measures to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

The decision in had shocked more than one since it was considered too last minute and that restaurants would not have time to sell their inventories, in particular.

Despite everything, other restaurateurs oppose this movement and call for calm.

“I would strongly advise against going in this direction, to go towards the movement of civil disobedience, but I would tell you that I understand the state of mind of the restaurateurs who think of joining this one”, mentioned Martin Vézina , Vice-President of Public and Governmental Affairs of the Association Restauration Québec (ARQ), which hopes to reopen the dining rooms on February 8.

Thus, restaurants could welcome customers for Saint -Valentin.

It remains to be seen now if restaurateurs will indeed go ahead with the movement and if customers will be there. 


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