Resumption of flights Air Transat: followers of travel to the appointment

Reprise des vols d’Air Transat: des adeptes de voyages au rendez-vous

Outbound flights from the airport of Montréal will gradually and already Saturday the passengers were ready to board a plane of Air Transat, in the direction of Cancun.

“It must not close the world because it has a little bit of danger. We can not hide below the bed. Me, I have american friends, and then they tell me all that the coronavirus, it has an expiration date, then it is after the american election,” says one of the brave met at the Montreal airport.

Another flies to the United States to see her partner.

“They give a small bag with a disinfectant, the mask, the headphones individual. No, I am very happy. Even so, it is more secure than shopping here, I would say!” she believes.

Of course, they have to be put in quarantine on their return to the country. Thing that does not please all.

“I feel like a dog, quite frankly. It is where the leash?” exclaims another traveler.

Even if Air Transat has restored many of its international destinations, the government of Canada reminds us that it is however not recommended, yet, to travel abroad, and that it is necessary to check twice rather than once, or to buy tickets, but also before you leave, the terms and conditions of the visited country because the situation is changing all the time.

A good example, one youth wanted to take off for Guadeloupe. He has been tested negative to the COVID, but for a matter of hours, France has refused him his pass.

“I have been tested negative to the COVID, but they have not wanted to let me in. To 10 hours! And I was pissed off,” he says.

Hence the importance of subscribing to a cancellation insurance. Since a few days, the Blue Cross and Medipac offer a product to cover your expenses if ever you get the COVID abroad, but be careful…

“The insurer takes a lot of rights. He can ban you, he can bring you back. He can decide a little to your place how it will happen if you are ever achieved,” says Louis Cyr, the insurance broker.

Therefore, even for a destination of pleasure, you may be covered for sixty dollars, according to certain strict rules. As well, prevention is better than cure.

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