Rethinking the home of the post-pandemic

Repenser l’habitation de l’après-pandémie

The current pandemic will force a lot of areas to reinvent themselves and the housing industry did not escape.

The architects will be faced with new challenges in order to provide the public with spaces that will meet their new reality. Among others, the areas dedicated to telework will be without a doubt more necessary.

“We can see that after two months, it is a trend that will continue in the longer term. We think, therefore, how do we move things in the direction of this new reality,” said the architect Elian Sanchez, associated to the Agency SIX, in an interview with TVA News.

Mr. Sanchez cited the example of university campuses that provide an inspiration to architects for the layout of workspaces.

“It is necessary to think about the spaces that are swappable, as is the dining room which can become a work space, he continued. It is also necessary to think about the notion of spaces that are more confidential in the house to allow privacy.”

This is especially important when more than one person from a household carrying out telework. The sliding walls could be a possible solution. According to Elian Sanchez, this would allow the soundproofing of the two areas, which are normally open one on the other.

Ergonomics is another important aspect not to be overlooked, so that workers can regain a level of comfort similar to that of their place of work.

The outside space more “essential”

The development of more large outdoor terrace is also part of the reflection after a period of confinement.

“It is the idea of the extension to the outdoor space that becomes more essential when one feels confined. After that, you have to observe according to all scenarios,” said Elian Sanchez.

Beyond a private terrace, Mr. Sanchez explained that the outside space can also result in the opening and the size of the windows, for example for buildings that are more senior. The workers could thus benefit from air flow and more natural light.

“It gives the impression that from your space of living room, you’re in a party outside, by extension, of course,” he said.

Finally, large terraces favoured the development of urban agriculture, global trend at the present time.

Housing more isolated

Entrance Halls, elevators and other common spaces could be re-engineered to provide a “sense of protection” to residents, according to him.

“Home automation, the idea of least touching a button on an elevator or a door handle, can be used to enable residents to feel more secure,” added Mr. Sanchez.

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