Retraining: Jérémy Beaumes is living his new life as a breeder to the fullest in Larzac

Retraining: Jérémy Beaumes is living his new life as a breeder to the fullest in Larzac

Le nouveau fermier possède un troupeau d’ovins viande, en élevage extensif en pleine nature. Midi Libre – ALAIN MENDEZ

Originaire de Lodève, il a repris la ferme de la Vernède sur le Causse, à Saint-Michel d'Alajou avec sa bergerie et son troupeau de 220 brebis, il y a un an.

As he had already done last year when he had barely settled in, Jérémy Beaumes opened his farm as part of the visits offered in April by the CPIE des Causses southern. This Monday, April 8, the new farmer of the departmental estate of Vernède, in the commune of Saint-Michel-d’Alajou, led a three-hour walk to show how pastoralism and man, with its agricultural practices or its public policies, have caused the landscape to evolve over the centuries in Larzac.

Retraining: Jérémy Beaumes is living his new life as a breeder to the fullest in Larzac

Jérémy led a “pastoralism and landscapes” walk this Monday, April 8 on his land with the CPIE des Causses Mériodionals. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

"Since the Neolithic and the sedentarization of man, the teeth of herds have shaped landscapes and influenced biodiversity" tells the breeder showing his freshly grazed land or reading more distant landscapes.

With the support and monitoring of the Terre de Liens association

"My neighbor had a small farm when I was young, I was already thinking about doing this job, explains the 39-year-old man, originally from Lodève, talking about his journey on the sidelines of the walk. I studied at an agricultural high school, with the environment option towards which I turned. Because, when you don't have land, it's difficult to settle down today."
After working in the management of protected natural areas at the CPIE des Causses sudionaux in Montpellier then 10 years in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Jérémy was an agricultural worker. Before seizing the opportunity that presented itself with the departure of the former farmer, Nicolas Duhau-Mamon, on the 370 hectares of a departmental estate rented by the sheep breeder .

Retraining: Jérémy Beaumes is living his new life as a breeder to the fullest in Larzac

The sheep under the supervision of the patou leave the sheepfold located in the hamlet of La Vernède. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

"This is a professional reconversion. For the past year, I have owned a flock of 220 meat sheep, in extensive breeding and equipment, with the support of the Terre de Liens foundation which owns the sheepfold and 20 additional hectares, continues Jérémy Beaumes. This support is important. It allows me to relieve myself of an investment. It is also a guarantee of keeping the agricultural aspect of the farm so that it does not disappear."

Passion wins

The new farmer, living in La Vacquerie, can count on Marion, hired to help him during the lambing period on the farm. "The first year was not easy" he continues. With three wolf attacks in particular on a herd outside almost 11 months out of 12. Despite parks fenced off at night and its protection dogs, whose cohabitation with walkers or hikers is not necessarily simple either .

Nothing to discourage the shepherd, passionate about his work and a territory of the Causse in which he is very comfortable: "C’ is the work I wanted to do in an environment and landscapes that I like."
And that the farmer does not hesitate to share when the opportunity presents itself.

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