Return of balance sheets daily, 37 new deaths caused by the COVID-19 since Thursday in Quebec

Retour des bilans quotidiens: 37 nouveaux décès causés par la COVID-19 depuis jeudi au Québec

Quebec recorded five deaths and 72 additional cases during the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 5 485 deaths and 55 390 persons infected.

However, since the publication of the last balance-sheet, Thursday, 37 deaths have occurred, and 311 new infections.

After having first announced that the balance sheets of the COVID-19 would now be published each week, the government of François Legault has done a volte-face on Thursday. From Monday, the publication of balance sheets is resumed on a daily basis.

The number of hospitalizations remained stable compared to the previous day, with a total of 455. Among these, 45 are in the intensive care unit, an increase of 2.

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