Return of boxing : not to soon

Retour de la boxe : pas pour bientôt

The boxing promoter Camille Estephan is, to say the least dissatisfied with the intentions of the Directorate of public health of Québec that it plans to ban combat sports by obtaining a vaccine or a treatment against the COVID-19.

In a press release sent Wednesday, the big boss of Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) has said that his organization had been advised by the ministry of Health and social Services of Quebec. The promoter also requires the establishment of a working committee involving the public Health of Québec, the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ), as well as players in the middle of the boxing to discuss issues and possible solutions.

“Just like hockey, combat sports are an integral part of quebec culture for several decades. As we think of Georges St-Pierre, Lucian Bute or even David Lemieux, our athletes from quebec, contribute to the radiation of the province to the four corners of the world at the professional, olympic. The decision of the Dr. Horacio Arruda is about to take will cause irreparable damage to the sport as well as for our boxers who will be forced to inactivity for too long a period and who will be stripped of their belts and rankings,” said Estephan.


The latter recalled that EOTTM had submitted there was more than a month to the responsible authorities a protocol identifier health measures to focus on for an eventual resumption of activities. A meeting involving the RACJ and a representative of the CNESST took place on 25 June to prepare the guide to health standards, according to the organization. It is said to amazed at new developments in the case.

“We have been proactive and have carefully developed our recovery plan by studying what was happening in the world of the other organizations of professional boxing or fighting the ultimate the other hand, have already returned to the action for some time. We have tried repeatedly to establish a dialogue and working in concert with public Health, but force is to admit that there seems to be a bias against boxing because they don’t want to hear anything and have no valid justification to explain such a decision, said Estephan.

“It is extremely illogical and absurd given that all sectors of activities have resumed, including places such as bars or even other sports, where it is noted that the separation physical is difficult, if not impossible, to enforce.”

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