Return to Canada of an engineer detained in Egypt since 2019

Retour au Canada d’un ingénieur détenu en Égypte depuis 2019

A canadian professional engineer in detention in Egypt since February 2019 at the end of a business trip has been released and it arrived Thursday in Toronto, has announced his daughter on social networks.

The health of Yasser Albaz has deteriorated recently “and our priority will be to get him the medical treatment he desperately needed,” said his daughter Amal Ahmed Albaz in a message on Facebook. His father has developed several symptoms of the COVID-19 that put his life in danger, ” she says.

“The test that undergoes our family is finally over”, she rejoiced, thanking the government of Justin Trudeau for his support.

The canadian prime minister was recently reported to have raised the case of Mr. Albaz during an interview with the egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

According to his family, Yasser Albaz, 52, was arrested last February in Egypt at the end of a business trip of several months. His passport had been confiscated, as he was about to take a plane to return to Canada.

Mr. Albaz was jailed in Cairo at the prison of Tora, where conditions of detention are reported by the associations for the defence of the rights of man, according to his daughter.

He has never been charged and the egyptian authorities have never explained publicly the reasons for his arrest, according to his family.

The daughter of Mr. Albaz ensures that his father, who immigrated to Canada there are more than 20 years, is not a political activist, has never criticized the egyptian government and had been in this country for reasons that are purely professional.

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