Return to school to fulfill a dream

Retour sur les bancs d’école pour réaliser un rêve

Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

A few of the thousands of recruits began this morning their training to become orderlies in NURSING homes, which represents for many a rare opportunity to reinvent their lives without too much worry about debts to be paid.

For several candidates, a paid training of three months is a gift fallen from the sky, even if they know that the work will not always be based.

Jonathan Valencia, Saint-Georges in the Beauce region, is still reversed in front of such an opportunity and is looking forward to working with elderly people.

“I never would have been able to allow me to return to studies in the field of health “, underlines the man of 30 years who works for Beauce Carnival.

Linda Henry, of Gracefield, Outaouais, feels equally privileged.

“We can go to school and the head rested,” says the woman, 42-year-old.

For some, it is also an opportunity to reconcile with a dream. Marie-Soleil Corbin, of Beauport, near Quebec city, had already begun training as a licensed practical nurse that she had not finished for financial reasons. It was out of the question that she is missing the boat.

“I stressais really a lot, because I really want to do this,” says the 21-year old woman, currently assistant manager in a convenience store.

At age 57

At age 57, Jean-François Koenig, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in Montérégie, has worked for more than 30 years in computer science. It is offered this winter for a three week trip in the swiss Alps to make the point about his life.

Jean-François Kœnig, who is refocusing her career at age 57.

He resigned on his return, and then is temporarily recycled into a security guard.

A job that led him into the grocery stores, the branches of the Société des alcools du Québec… and NURSING homes.

“I was able to see inside the workings of a CHSLD, the customer. I could see that these people just ask to have the attention and love. Wants, wants not, it comes to get you in the guts, all that, ” says the father of three adult children.


The road will not be easy, and the recruits know it. In order to benefit from the exchange of 9210 $ delivered in three instalments during the training, participants must commit to be available day, evening, night and weekends for a year.

The candidates contacted by The Newspaper feel when the same attack.

“The door opened and I fell in love with them ! Well-being is important to me. It is a sign of life that told me “go Caro !” “highlights Caroline Giroux, 41 years old, Saint-Lazare Monteregie.

Alicia Rose, 21, of Quebec, intends to go one step at a time.

“It will not always be beautiful nor easy, she said. But it is a nice challenge for me and for all the others who are doing the training there. I’m going to try to do the best that I can. “

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