Return to work for Stéphane Bellavance

Retour au travail pour Stéphane Bellavance

MONTREAL – Since the last week, Stéphane Bellavance, is back on the sets and her schedule is almost full until the end of the year. The presenter has recently turned capsules out for “Awesome,” and he has also taken the recordings of “I eat”, two issues of Télé-Québec.

On 3 July, it will be in the studio 42 Radio-Canada to record the new season of the game-quiz “The following”.

Stéphane, you’ve started filming, is this as complicated as one may think?

“I am very happy for the teams that are working on these emissions. Everyone needs to go back to work. It is approximately 150 persons on such emissions. We should all sign contracts that stipulate that we comply with the rules of the public health. This is really no longer the same as before. Everything is really serious, this is not taken lightly.”

For “The following”, what provisions are you going to take with the candidates and the public?

On the screen, it’ll look like what it was, except that there will be more public in the studio. There will be more participants waiting in the queue. They will now be in a separate room, with a mask, hands washed, and the distancing required. Therefore, each competitor will come before me alone, and if we must move on to the next, the chair and the button will be disinfected before the arrival of the next participant. They will get more in the cylinders either. Each cylinder is numbered and they give me just the number that they choose. I’ll be the only one to touch the carousel and to the cylinders.”

The game seemed to be easily adaptable, is this the same thing behind the scenes?

“It was more complex to refurbish the dressing rooms, for example. The show will still have a rhythm a little different. This will be a bit more intimate, because there will be more reactions from the audience. This will not be the less interesting for all that.”

The return to work marks the beginning of the déconfinement, how do you live this period?

“It is a mixture of relief and worry to the extent where I’m happy to come back to life, back to the teams, but feverish. I am at the same time a little worried, because I’m working on three productions at the same time, this summer, he owes nothing happen to me. If I catch this fucking virus, I will put far too many people in trouble.”

How did the weeks of confinement in the family?

“Pretty much. We took the opportunity to do a thousand things on the house. My field has never been as clean. I have not seen the time pass, with a few caveats. The outdoor activities we missed, and a social life also. I also realized how important it is to move and see people. For my two sons of 11 and 13 years old, physical activity was not the same. Fortunately, they could play together. School at home has also gone well, I’m one of the lucky ones for whom everything has gone well.”

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