Reunion very expected

Des retrouvailles très attendues

A man of 71 years who has been adopted by a very special hope for the end of the confinement : he is eager to meet members of his biological family found recently.

“You should not put a person in danger [because of the pandemic of COVID-19], then it is better to wait before you meet them, but I’m eager to know more about the history of my biological family “, has a racing Damien Massey.

The man in his seventies trying to trace his biological family since 1995. He had discovered that his mother and father died, respectively, in 1952 and 1984.

“I’m always asked if I had brothers and sisters somewhere,” said the one whose adoptive parents have never hidden her past.

With the act 113, which entered into force in June 2018, and allows the majority of adopted children to know their original identity, Mr. Massey has learned in recent months that he had two half-brothers and half-sisters on the paternal side and two other half-brothers on the maternal side.

An aunt of 91 years

He also found the sister of his biological mother, an aunt, 91-year-old who remains in Sainte-Thérèse, on the North Shore of Montreal. They talked on the phone at the end of April.

He is excited to meet her since she will be able to talk to him about his mother.

“She was very surprised of my call, but she was glad to have news of her nephew because she knew of my existence,” says the resident of Richelieu, in the Montérégie region.

Given the advanced age of her aunt, the conversation was slightly difficult.

“I’m excited that it speaks to me of my mother, and I will finally have answers to the questions I’ve been asking myself for so many years “, he adds with enthusiasm.

“No time to lose “

Mr. Massey has seen one of his half-brothers, Daniel Gauthier, in February, a few weeks before the Quebec is in containment.

“The meeting was great and it quickly clicked between the two of us. It was as if we had never lost sight of “, he notes.

He also having been adopted, Mr. Gauthier was also in search of its origins since 1996.

“I had the choke in the throat, and I wondered if it was true, says with emotion, the man 73 years of age. At our age, one has no time to lose, and it was a great satisfaction of finally knowing a member of my biological family. “

A half-brother did not know

When the pandemic will be a thing of the past, Mr. Massey has the intention to see the other members of his family found.

“I don’t know how it will happen, but I am looking forward to getting to know her in person,” suggests another half-brother, Denis Lafleur, who was unaware until recently of the existence of Mr. Massey, because his father did not give him had not spoken.

“It is special to learn at age 57 that you have a half-brother “, adds with a sense of humor and he who abides in the district of Chicoutimi, in the Saguenay.

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