Revealed an unexpected effect walking in the Park

Выявлен неожиданный эффект прогулок по парку

A daily twenty minute walk will help you feel happier.

Staff at Birmingham University came to the conclusion that the city’s parks serve as a great help for emotional and mental well-being. According to them, walk through the city Park for 20 minutes will make you feel happier, reports the with reference to 24news.

“We found that visitors to the Park reported improved emotional well-being after walking, but evidence that levels of physical activity are associated with improved emotional well-being, we have not received,” says the study’s lead author hon Yuen (Hon K. Yuen).

Research indicates that parks are key elements of the urban environment, providing residents the opportunity to enjoy nature and be physically active. Closer to nature, Wellness, social and recreational activities in the parks and reduce the level of stress and recover from mental activity.

Their data scientists have gathered in the three main parks of the city of mountain brook, Alabama, which is visited daily by many people. The study involved 94 people. After a walk, they filled a questionnaire and gave scientists a special device, which all the while watching their physical performance. About the best results reported by those participants who were walking in the Park 20 to 25 minutes.

The level of emotional well-being of participants, which they rated themselves, on average, increased by about 64 percent. As a result of the analysis of all the data the scientists came to the conclusion that being in the Park, not necessarily to play sports or do other exercise to feel happy. Therefore, the effect also extends to people with physical limitations and disabilities.

Euan says that the study definitely has its limitations: it is the lack of objective data, as the participants themselves reported about their health and emotional well-being, and limited coverage of the study – as the number of participants and geographical spread. However, according to him, the results point to the need for more urban parks and support those that already exist.

“In cities there is now growing pressure on green areas: planners and developers tend to build parks in residential and commercial real estate, and therefore the challenge for cities is to try to keep as many of these important areas”, – the scientists.


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