Revenge : a reboot already in the works with a new heroine and a new vengeance

Revenge : un reboot déjà en préparation avec une nouvelle héroïne et une nouvelle vengeance

Revenge : a reboot already in the works with a new heroine and a new vengeance

Revenge, the cult series of the early 2010 worn by Emily VanCamp, may soon return to television through a reboot. And on this occasion, it is a new heroine with a new vengeance that should appear on the screen.

The tv is she tired of making efforts to convince us to watch it ? The question needs to be asked, in discovering that this information is signed by Deadline. According to the american media, ABC is already ready to reboot the series Revenge, 4 years after the airing of its last episode. ZzzZ ZzZ Zz.

Revenge return with a new heroine ?

Don’t worry, this reboot – which is only at the stage of development (nothing nor said that it will be really the day), not to fun not to rewrite the history worn by Emily VanCamp at the time. On the contrary, it should rather be used immediately while remaining focused on a new heroine.

Written by Mike Kelley [creator of Revenge, nldr] and Joe Fazzio [screenwriter of Revenge, editor’s note], this reboot will follow the story of a young immigrant Latin” reveals Deadline, before adding more intriguing still : “Guided by one of the favorite characters from the original series, it will arrive in Malibu in order to retaliate against a dynasty pharmaceutical way the family Sackler who, because of his insatiable greed, has led to the death of his mother, a biochemist, the destruction of his family and a global epidemic“. It is what it is.

At the present time, we do not know what a famous cult figure will appear in this series – Deadline ahead, all the same, the names of Louise Virginia Ellis (Elena Satine) and Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), already cited, a few years ago for a spin-off, or what actress is being considered for the title role. However, there is no doubt that the hype around this project should accelerate the revelations in the weeks to come. And so much for originality…

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