Revolution: a return to school like no other for Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse

Revolution: a return to school like no other for Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse


A busy back to school season, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse has known others. Many others, even. However, this one is very different in his eyes. Because the host, actress and muse recently added a brand new title to her list: mom. But it is a confident and grounded woman who returned to the studio at the end of last spring. “I'm not one to get dizzy,” she pleads.

With Revolution taking off again tomorrow for a fourth season, the filming of the new series Les révoltés is in full swing and the < em>Bye Byewho will show up soon, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse's agenda promises to be very busy. She admits it herself, she apprehended the situation before going back to work last May, barely a month after giving birth to her son Lawrence.

“I anticipated all that in departure – I still have a brand new baby! – and it is certain that it is a lot, that it is ambitious. But it's done very well, honestly. Even better than I thought,” she says in an interview with Journal

Question from < em>timing 

His return to work, let's say hasty, was however entirely “circumstantial”, she underlines. Because Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse is well aware of the pressure exerted on mothers in this “era of performance, accomplishment and the desire to do more”. She therefore wants to break away from it and, above all, avoid contributing to this societal movement. 

“It just happened that the birth of my son was scheduled for April, and the filming of < em>Revolutionstarted in May. Those are two things I really wanted to experience, so I thought I'd give it a try. I told myself that if it was too ambitious, that I had overestimated myself, we would adjust along the way. But I'm lucky to be surrounded by very good people, to have a good support system and an extraordinary boyfriend,” confides Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. 

“… otherwise best”

She will therefore take over the controls of Revolution tomorrow evening., always in the company of masters Jean-Marc Généreux, Lydia Bouchard and Les Twins. 

Since its debut on the air in the fall of 2018, the show has quickly established itself as a real television phenomenon. , its format having been sold in France and Spain. She also propelled to new heights the careers of Alex Francoeur, Team White, Alexandre Carlos and others Cindy Mateus, Rahmane Belkebiche and Yoherlandy Garcia. 

But this undeniable popularity has inevitably raised expectations with each new season unpacked by TVA. 

“Especially this time around,” according to Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. 

“The caliber was so strong last year; the trio that won [Cindy, Rahmane and Yoherlandy, NDLR], it makes no sense how good they are. They are machines, completely mind-blowing artists,” she says.

“When we finished the last season, I said to myself that I did not know how we were going to do, what the dancers could do to surpass that. Every year, I have this fear. But there's always a moment during the auditions when I tell myself that we don't have to worry, that it's going to be as good, if not better,” she adds. 

< p>One more step

To ensure this, the selection process has this time revamped the course of the competition, improving it with an additional step. If the dancers were selected according to their “Revolution moment” at the end of the face-to-face, they must now perform once more to earn their place in the final round. 

“I I announced it to the dancers a few weeks ago and it really destabilized them. It's still one more choreography to do, one more Revolution moment to find. And that is no small feat. It changes the dynamic,” promises Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. 

The new season of Revolutionwill begin tomorrow evening on TVA.

“I am pampered”

After having lent her features to the legendary character of Donalda Laloge for six seasons of Pays d 'en haut, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse will return next year in a brand new fiction: Les révoltés, alongside Pier-Luc Funk. 

Expected on Club illico during 2023, this 10-episode drama will mark a new turning point in the career of Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. Long subscribed to younger characters, the actress will defend here that of a mature and careerist lawyer, closer to her age. 

“I am 31 years old, but I am still very much associated with characters in their early twenties or projects aimed at young audiences. It’s really fun to see that people trust me to offer me something like Les révoltés”, says Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. 

She will therefore become Éléonore St-Laurent, a woman who devotes herself to defending the rights of those who have “fallen into the cracks” of the system, those left behind and those who fight against institutions. His path will one day cross that of an equally committed journalist, this one camped by Pier-Luc Funk. 

“This is not a series that denounces institutions. But my character questions them. We are going to explore the gray areas, themes that are not often addressed on television”, she summarizes.

The present moment

< p>You can feel a real feverishness in her voice, an obvious desire to broaden her horizons as an actress. Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse does not hide her thirst for roles that will take her away from her own aesthetics, her usual paths and her slippers. Learn a sport? Undergoing a physical transformation? These are prospects that are of great interest to her for the future. 

But far be it from her to want to project herself too far into the future for the moment. Because Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse has only one desire for the moment: to savor the present moment. 

“It's really fun everything that happens for me in right now,” she breathes.

“I have a child who is in good spirits and healthy. I'm very good. I am filled. My present moment is so fun that I would be crazy not to realize it and enjoy it. I pinch myself,” concludes Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse.