“Revolution”: the mission of the Twins

“Revolution”: the mission of the Twins


The Twins, alias Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, will return to their master chair on Sunday evening on the program “Revolution”. A very important step and commitment for them. 

Dance has become ubiquitous in their lives, especially since the appearance of TikTok, which showcases short choreographies of all styles. “But 'Revolution' is still the only show in the world that features dancers,” Larry said. This is what allows us to be in constant evolution over the seasons.

This year, one more episode will enrich the season, due to a little novelty that will require even more work and creativity from the dancers. “After the face-to-face, we no longer note just the revolution moment, detailed the duo. The dancers either become essentials and move on to the next stage, or they will have to dance again and make a new moment of revolution in order to possibly be selected for the sequel. It's really strong and impressive.”

Feedback appreciated

Several participants discovered during a previous edition are coming back to try their luck again. An approach appreciated by the Twins. “When they go to 'Revolution', I want the dancers to learn something, to be a plus for them,” Larry said. Seeing them come back is proof that they trust us. But you have to be ready and have something more to say.”

Sense of belonging

The concept of “Revolution” is very dear to the heart of the dancing duo. “He's like my baby,” Larry said. I was there at the very beginning, I was also present when people no longer believed in it. “Revolution” brings me perfect stability. I do a lot of things outside, I dance, I sing, I make movies, I'm a model and I have a clothing brand, I'm everywhere, but landing in Montreal is a real dream. I have the chance to see thousands of dancers parade and pass on my know-how. When I see someone dancing and expressing themselves, it changes my life.”

His brother is also in this spirit of transmission and giving back to his community. “I came here 12 years ago for Cirque du Soleil and I saw immense talents who had no work. However, in Quebec, there are more people who have talent than the opposite, it should not be wasted. I am proud to be able to help them make themselves known.”

The premiere of “Revolution” is broadcast this Sunday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.

Fifteen new costumes

Stunning costumes, grandiose stagings and impressive voices are back in “Masked Singers”.

Sam Breton, Véronic DiCaire, Anouk Meunier and Stéphane Rousseau are always ready to take up the challenge of finding the personality behind each mask. In the first broadcast of the second season, this Sunday, we will discover in particular the first performances of the new characters: the Elephant Yéyé, the Cocktail Tiki, the Bébéluga, the Super Otter and the enigmatic Queen of the day and the night. See you at 6:30 p.m. at TVA.