Rhinestones, gold and million: Kamaliya shared a cute family scenes

Без стразов, золота и миллионов: Камалия поделилась милым семейным кадром


In the Palace “Ukraine” took place the ceremony of awarding the national music award “Golden Firebird”.

This is reported by the media.

Tonight on red dorogon you can see many famous Ukrainian artists in different images. Among the guests was the singer Kamaliya and her husband Mohammad Zahoor and his daughters-twins – Arabella and Mirabella.

For the ceremony she chose elegante dress blue with a flounce at the neckline. Her outfit complements the gathered hair with curls, long earrings with precious stones and beautiful evening makeup.

Без стразов, золота и миллионов: Камалия поделилась милым семейным кадром

Kamaliya family

In turn, the girls were dressed in the same two-tone dresses, milk dresses with dark blue tulle skirt with a delicate trim with large flowers on the belt. Hair daughters were tied to the tails of the bands with white flowers.

While Mohammad Zahoor wearing dark blue tuxedo, white shirt and Burgundy tie and appeared with his family is very harmonious.

It is worth Recalling that well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko who builds a career on Russian TV recently gave birth to her firstborn Russian artist Vlad Topalov, often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. This time the celebrity has posted a photo with his girlfriend Maria Iacovou.

Без стразов, золота и миллионов: Камалия поделилась милым семейным кадром

Regina Todorenko

We will remind, the popular Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who has been living and actively working in Russia, surprised fans appearance, many who left very shocked by the emaciated figure of the singer.

As reported by “Know.ia” a scandalous Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy, which after the revolution of Dignity, left the country together with the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych, shared details of his personal life.

Also Know As.ia” I wrote. famous singer Ani Lorak, which actively goes on tour in Russia, before the start of a relationship with a Mature lover. It turned out that Yuri Thales was not only her producer but also the first love of Ani Lorak. Thales has revealed details of his relationship with the singer at the start of her creative career.

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