Rick & Morty back : season 4 will be released in November… with an episode on Kanye West

Rick & Morty de retour : la saison 4 sortira en novembre... avec un épisode sur Kanye West

Rick & Morty back : the new season will be available in November with a special episode Kanye West.

OMG ! It’s official, Rick & Morty will be well and truly back after two long years of absence. The hero of the series crazy we will dive into the rest of their adventures, and the release date is already known. A season 4, which promises once again a lot of humour, emotion and scenes WTF, not to mention an episode dedicated to Kanye West. Yes, you read that correctly.

The duo the most crazy of the universe is back

Fans of Rick & Morty was waiting for the past two years, the season 4 will finally disembark for good. A return which will operate from November 2019. The channel Adult Swim that airs the animation series totally crossed out, has revealed the information on his Twitter account on Wednesday, may 15. And for the occasion, are the great father a scholar and the grandson were found “in person” (yes it leaves quotation marks because it reminds you that they don’t exist huh) the good news to their millions of fans.

The creators of Rick & Morty had entrusted to have received an order for 70 episodes additional. An impressive figure, however, season 4 should not count more than 10. It will therefore be necessary to once again demonstrate patience, hoping that the season 5 did not start two years in the making. And if we are already wondering what will happen to the Smith family, we can already tell you that the stars will be part of the story.

An episode 100% Kanye West ?

Christopher Lloyd aka the famous Doc of the saga Back to the future had confessed that he would like to lent his voice for the series. As a reminder, Ricky and Morty are parodies, wacky Doc Brown and Marty McFly. But the famous actor is not the only one to be able to be part of it. An episode entirely dedicated to Kanye West is also expected to see the light of day.

An info that was not gone unnoticed in the past year. The husband of Kim Kardashian was himself delighted with the blink of an eye, being one of the aficionados of the show : “It’s great news. This is my favorite series. I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times”.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, creators of Rick & Morty, recently interviewed by The Blast, have also proclaimed their mutual admiration for Kanye West. “We love Kanye !” assured Justin Roiland, “It is a visionary, a genius. If this guy had the means to do all the things that he has in the head, it would be a Elon Musk (chairman of Tesla and rich businessman at the head of companies of neurotechnology, astronautics and space flight) 2.0”. Dan Harmon added : “I give him an episode. It has 70, it can be him spinning a. Kanye, you can have one”. It promises !

Rick & Morty : the creators of the show Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon claim to their admiration for Kanye West.


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