Rick & Morty season 4 : Evil Morty would not be what we believe, the theory is not so crazy

Rick & Morty saison 4 : Evil Morty ne serait pas celui qu'on croit, la théorie pas si folle

Rick & Morty season 4 : Evil Morty would not be what we believe, the theory is not so crazy

Attention, the 4 season of Rick & Morty arrives soon on your television screens. We will finally know the sequel of the adventures of the scientist and his grandson. And above all, Evil Morty should be much more present. A theory reveals itself as you might have seen it in all the episodes so far without you realizing it. And if this is true, then everything you know about the characters may be fake.

Evil Morty will play a big role in season 4

It’s been a long time that fans of Rick & Morty are waiting for season 4 which will be broadcast from the 10th of November 2019 in the US (and from the November 11, 2019 in France on the channel Adult Swim). While we already know that an episode will be dedicated to the rapper, designer, pastor, Kanye West, and that synopsis totally barred of the new episodes have been released, that we learn more about Evil Morty. The latter should in effect take an important place in the new season.

This is the official Twitter account of Rick & Morty , which has published a picture of Morty and his clones with, clearly, Evil Morty. It is recognizable thanks to its son of robot that fall from the eye. This character is also often fitted with an eye patch how to pirate (or how the Governor in The Walking Dead, your choice).

As a reminder, the following has been elected as president of the Citadel, one of the many dimensions of the series. Not really democrat, it is more like a dictator crazy (he killed all the Rick who were against him during the election in season 3).

The theory (not so crazy) fans

The trick with Evil Morty, is that the fans are more numerous to believe in a theory that had been relayed on Reddit. If this theory is true, then that means that you have seen Evil Morty each episode without you realizing it. And most importantly, it would mean that a huge secret about Rick and Morty would have ensued. In fact, according to many followers of the show animated completely crazy, Evil Morty would actually be the Morty from the universe C-137, one of the heroes, which would then become the villain.

What makes them say that ? In the credits at the beginning of the episodes, there is a scene that recurs in the three seasons, at the very beginning. We see Rick and Morty pursued by monsters. Rick happens to escape into another dimension with his gun that opens portals, but Morty falls and thus remains trapped in the face of the two creatures.

Rick & Morty : Evil Morty would appear in all the episodes in the credits at the beginning, when Rick managed to escape the monsters but as Morty falls down, and remains trapped

According to several fans, this is what Morty came to C-137, abandoned by his grandfather, which would have made it out of little. Following this experience where he almost died, he would become Evil Morty, renflouant a terrible grudge against his grandfather Rick. This would explain his son’s robotic eye and his anger against the clones of Rick.

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