Riddled with bullets, “traitor”, deserter… Maxim Kuzminov, this Russian who went to Ukraine, was found dead in Spain

Riddled with bullets, "traitor", deserter... Maxim Kuzminov, this Russian who went to Ukraine, was found dead in Spain

Maxim Kuzminov le 5 septembre 2023 à Kiev. MAXPPP – Kirill Chubotin/Avalon

Maxim Kuzminov, ce russe qui avait déserté l'armée pour rejoindre les troupes de Zelensky pendant l'été 2023, a été retrouvé mort en Espagne.

He made the headlines in the international media last summer, Maxim Kuzminov surrendered to the Ukrainian forces with his helicopter, reports the magazine Geo. The one who was perceived as "traitor" by Russia, was finally found dead, riddled with bullets,& ;nbsp;in an underground parking lot in Villajoyosa, in the province of Alicante, Spain, reports the Huffington Post.

Two attackers

The circumstances of his death are still to be clarified. "Ce we know is that he invited his ex-wife to join and was later found shot dead", a Ukrainian spokesperson told Ukrayinska Pravda.

For its part, the Spanish press seems to have certain information. Two people are believed to be responsible for the death of Maxim Kuzminov. They would have waited for him before opening fire on him and killing him. A car was also found burned not far from the residence where the Russian deserter was killed.

A "traitor and criminal"

If emotion is strong for some, for its part, Russia is firm. "< /em>In Russia, it is customary to speak well of the dead or to say nothing at all. Ce traitor and criminal became a moral corpse at the very moment he was planning his dirty and terrible crime", said&amp ;nbsp;the head of Russian foreign intelligence Sergei Naryshkin.

The words of this Russian are not minced because of his act carried out in August 2023. Maxim Kuzminov had hijacked a Mi-8, which is a Russian military helicopter, in favor of Volodymyr Zelensky's troops. The deserter had justified his change of camp because of his opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This defection had earned him protection from his family, new documents but also a large sum of money, provided by kyiv.

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