Ridership record for Roxane Bruneau

Achalandage record pour Roxane Bruneau

The phenomenon Roxane Bruneau hit hard Wednesday night in Quebec city. The singer has produced in front of a bay of Beauport filled to capacity with 350 cars, of which some have been waiting for since the end of the afternoon to get the best seats. The show the most popular since the beginning of the tour, TD Musiparc.

Nothing surprising when one knows its popularity on the web, and we know that it multiplies the shows sold out for the past two years. Several hours before the beginning of the show, which began at 21 pm, dozens of cars were already waiting in the queue to enter the site.

It is clear that Roxane Bruneau joins all generations. A lot of young fans, but also a lot of families had come to hear the singer-songwriter to the stars.

And his “critters,” as she affectionately called him, kept a home. They have demonstrated their impatience and demanded the presence of the artist to blow horns for several minutes before she sets foot on stage.

A crazy atmosphere

For the first time, we felt the atmosphere – quasi – regular outdoor shows. At least, that is the atmosphere the more crazy will be known this summer.

Car horns mingled with the hysterical screams when she pointed to twenty minutes after the scheduled time, with, in hand, a camera to film this home unusual.

“It has no meaning, is she surprised in front of the sea windshield, after the first song, Invincible, which will appear on his second album. When I started the tour Musiparc, I said to myself: I don’t know if people will come, will be remembered I am that”.

Between songs, Roxane Bruneau is voluble. In his universe, there is always a lot of humor. It has established its own rules from the start. “When it is yes, it is horn, when it is not, this is light!” And as to having fun with the concept, she has had to take over the crowd, the jingle of the St-Hubert restaurants.

Spontaneity is refreshing

Entertaining and energetic, and desire, she has also managed to get through the windshield Wednesday evening to touch people with her songs and powerful, his poetry is crude and his sense of humor frank.

Between monologues about his personal life, Roxane Bruneau has chained the parts of Dysphoria, his first album dating back to 2017, and a few new features, including It is anything (Oulalala) and Love me still.

The interior of the cars, we heard the lyrics of the songs resound in the interiors, and the fans knew even the news. On That is what you think, its “commies” have illuminated a sea of cellular which floated above the cars.

Why Roxane Bruneau rallied so much? The answer is obvious after you have attended one of his concerts: it is true, quite simply.

“It is because of you that I exist and that I become someone in the industry. You have fulfilled this park here tonight, this is huge for me,” she said, touched.

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