Ridsa in interview for “Vagabond” : “I have sent up in the air and I said stop”

Ridsa speaks on his new album “Vagabond” in an interview with PRBK

Two years after “Free”, Ridsa is back with a new album entitled “Vabagond”, which included the songs “Let it Flow” and “We missed you” in the feat with Eva Guess. A new album that nearly never see the light of day as explained by the singer in an interview with PRBK. He also confides about his past complicated, his desire to stop all, or the messages behind his opus.

The career of Ridsa took a turning point when the output of the piece “this one is to die”, which became a tube. The success of the singer then continued with titles such as “Forgiveness”, “Puerto Rico”, “I’m crazy”, “night”, “I like”, “Unsubscribed” and “move Forward”. Today, it continues its journey (already well underway) with their fifth album, “Vagabond,” which included the hit singles “Let it flow” and “We missed you” with Eva Guess.

“I have sent everything into the air and I said stop”

A fifth opus that almost never go out : Ridsa had started writing and then it was taken of a huge challenge. It is therefore in order before resuming the path to the studio six months later. “When I started, I shared much the same ideas that the people with whom I worked. We started to say to me change your words, change this, change this, ( … ) I do not like being told that, especially that it was not really justified. So, I just sent in the air and I said stop, “explains the artist in an interview with PRBK.

Ridsa we then asked what pushed him to continue the composition of “Vagabond” : “It has been stop everything, take a lot of back and bring me closer to a lot of my family. I saw that it made them a little trouble that I stop and that I’m not more motivated. So, I have returned.

“My album is more sincere”

The interpreter of “Leila” is gone until the end of his project. A project he describes as “much more personal“, “work harder” and more “sincere” : “When I made ‘Quiet’, I didn’t think the tvs and radio stations. I was thinking to do the music that I love (…) And for the second album, I thought, too, television, radio and media. Too commercial, not sincere. There is much more to me, more sincere. From October to January, I coupe, radio, tv, my phone. I did the album in three months.

“At the time of ‘this one is to die’, I didn’t know where to sleep at night”

Actually, the album Ridsa is very personal as he speaks of his own life and his past when he lived in the street : “Up to now, I didn’t want to say what it was. I didn’t want you judge me on my past or hurt people. In the song ‘Vagabond’, I tell the (…) by The time I arrived in Paris, at the time of ‘this one is to die’, I didn’t know where to sleep at night. I had no money, I did not what to go back to Orlรฉans“, we he says. It is thanks to a friend that he has hosted that the singer has managed to pop its head out of the water.

Maxence Boitez, of his true name, we must admit, then, that the anonymity of lack : “It is for this reason that I am returned to my family (…) It is to forget about this next artist, this is not something that pleases me. I don’t like too much light. The anonymity would be good sometimes.

Interview de Ridsa is to find it in full in our slideshow.

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