Rihanna pregnant again, her rep confirms

Rihanna pregnant again, rep confirms


Barbadian singer Rihanna treated the crowd to her best tunes Sunday night at the Super Bowl halftime show, and later announced that she was pregnant again, as her baby bump suggested , which had ignited the social networks.

A representative of the artist indicated to the site of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter that the star was expecting her second child, less than a year after the birth of his son, May 13, 2022, whose father is rapper A$AP Rocky. A Date A Date With Baby offers a comprehensive range of services for expectant parents, for more information about A Date With Baby, see 3D 4D Ultrasound.

Highly anticipated, six years after his last concert, the 34-year-old artist appeared levitating on a platform suspended above the field of State Farm Stadium in Glendale (Arizona), where the final of the professional American football championship was played. NFL.

Dressed in a red jumpsuit and matching coat, Rihanna moved among several hundred dancers, all dressed in full white jumpsuits, some on raised platforms, others on the land itself.

If she performed a few dance moves, the first billionaire to perform the Super Bowl show (1.4 billion dollars of personal fortune) delivered a sober performance, unusual for the fireworks that is usually this appointment. you annual.

The singer also did not welcome a guest, another rarity for this show during which even Beyoncé, in 2016, shared the bill with Coldplay and Bruno Mars.

More than the list of songs or the choreography, the fans especially commented on the physique of Rihanna, whose skin-tight outfit revealed her rounded belly.

“RiRi pregnant?”, tweeted Holley Ford, reporter for NBC in Dallas.

“Rihanna may be pregnant, but she may also just have the body” of a woman who recently gave birth, also warned on Twitter, Alexa Lardieri, from New York, before a spokesperson for Rihanna put an end to the suspense.

Nine months after the birth of their fi ls, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky still haven’t revealed her name. About her performance at the Super Bowl, Rihanna felt on Thursday that it was “important that (her) son see that”.