Rimouski: control for the beaches along the river

Rimouski: contrôle pour les plages le long du fleuve

RIMOUSKI – The beaches along the St. Lawrence river at Rimouski are very popular, too popular, and so the City decided to regulate their access to, and will rage at need.

The new regulation aims, in a first step the area of the Bic, or the beaches between la Pointe-aux-Anglais, and the Rock-a White, a riparian strip of a few kilometers is well known Rimouskois and tourists.

As the customer is very important, it brings the requirements of safety and also cleanliness. Vehicles parked a little no matter how, illegal camping, littering on the beaches and, most of the residents are outraged by a back-and-forth incessant.

It must now park further away and walk a few hundred yards to access the beach. Finished the time where you could pitch his tent in the sand, close to the river.

The new measure officially comes into force on the 3rd of August, but she is already applied.

“There is no sanitation, there was no trash, and in many cases, people left the site in very poor condition, said Marc Parent, mayor of Rimouski. So we want to put an end to it, because I think people want to enjoy a serene environment and beautiful.”

The City invites the citizens of the area to call the police as needed. Other beaches Rimouski could possibly be subject to the same regulation.

The signage has already been put in place. Violators may receive fines or having their vehicles towed.

The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec may even expel people in need. The City estimates that the new regulations will prevent overflows, such as campers who settle on private land, or of the problems of access and circulation for emergency vehicles.

“I think it is perfect, it will be less congested and safer for everyone,” said a Rimouskoise not identified, met in the sector.

“It is sure that if everyone down on the beaches, at a given time it will become a problem for the people of the region, but also for tourists,” said a visitor who came to the Pointe-aux-Anglais for the first time.

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