Rise in the cost of living: a check of up to $400 for millions of Quebecers

Cost of living increase: a check up to 400 $ for millions of Quebecers

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Starting Monday, Quebecers who earn less than $56,000 a year will receive a check for up to $400.

This exceptional benefit intended to offset part of the increase in the cost of living for 3.3 million Quebecers was announced last November by the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard.

Thus, couples who earn less than $55,912 will qualify for $400, while people living alone with an income of $50,645 and less will receive a check for $275. And as for single people living in shared accommodation, they will receive a benefit of $200.

Low- and middle-income households will automatically receive this benefit as of January 24, clarified the government.


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