Rising gas prices: MPs annoyed, but not the government

The government of Philippe Couillard refused Tuesday to consent to the presentation of a parliamentary resolution asking that “the National Assembly notes the tremendous rise, unpredictable and unjustified rise in the price of gas in recent days in Quebec.
The parliamentary motion was introduced by the hon. Member for Mercier, Amir Khadir. It invited the Quebec parliament to recognize “that motorists are trapped by private companies that set the price of gasoline and control the market,” a way of doing “that is similar to a cartel, according to several experts “.

PQ member Mathieu Traversy and independent Gaétan Lelièvre co-sponsored this parliamentary resolution. It also demanded that the National Assembly “recognize that the best way to solve the problem is to reduce the consumption of petroleum products and that the development of public transit is essential to achieve this goal.”

Finally, she urged “the Quebec government to propose an action plan to reduce Quebec’s dependence on oil, notably by rapidly increasing public transit and ensuring affordable rates.”

As is customary in the presentation of such parliamentary motions, the government has not justified its refusal to debate such motions.

Strong rise in Montreal

The retail price of gasoline reached Tuesday a level rarely seen in Quebec for many years: $ 1.48 per liter in Montreal and Laval.

On Monday afternoon, several gas stations posted a price lower by plus or minus $ 0.18, according to what is displayed on the website www.essencequebec.com .

As usual, none of the other regions of Quebec had followed suit at around 5.30 am Tuesday. The average price of regular gasoline was nevertheless estimated for the whole of Quebec at over $ 1.40, which is much higher than in recent months.

According to www.gasbuddy.com, a few hours ago, the highest average gas prices in Canada were in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland and Labrador . The lowest were observed in Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Manitoba.

Several gas bars in Ottawa posted Tuesday morning a price of $ 1.27 per liter, $ 0.21 lower than Montreal and Laval.

The price of a barrel of crude oil retreated Monday night from US $ 0.34 on the NYMEX stock exchange in New York to US $ 68.23. With The Canadian Press

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