Rising tour costs: Lorde empties his heart

Rising tour costs: Lorde empties his heart< /p> UPDATE DAY

For international star Lorde, touring shows has become an “insane struggle to break even or deal with debt”.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter emptied her heart in her most recent newsletter sent to her thousands of subscribers. She discusses the difficulties of many artists who have to fight to achieve lucrative tours . For some of them, the very idea of ​​going on tour has become financially impossible, believes the author of numerous planetary successes, such as Royals, Tennis Court and Solar Power.

Renowned for having won her first recording contract with Universal Records at the age of 12 thanks to a video of her singing in a talent show in college, she insists on the importance of explaining to music fans the obstacles that must be overcome artists.

In her long letter, the New Zealand singer  speaks of “almost unprecedented difficulties” for artists, promoters and teams, identifying various factors, namely the three-year pandemic, the global economic slowdown and the “understandable” distrust spectators face the risks to their health when they attend a show. Added to this are the shortage of labor and touring equipment (buses and trucks in particular), the upwardly revised prices, the cost of air flights, accommodation and transportation of equipment, as well as inflated overhead costs since the COVID-19 pandemic.

More expensive tickets?

“Transporting a set around the world can cost up to three times the pre-pandemic price right now, she writes. Ticket prices would have to go up to start accommodating even a little bit of that.”

Charging admirers and music lovers a higher bill to come see them in concert is not an option for artists, she explains. The young woman also deplores the many cancellations and postponements, “the promises and the disappointments” do to this same public that she describes as understanding and flexible.

“All we want is to play for you”, writes the one who says she is however lucky while for d 'other artists, who are selling fewer tickets, the tour has become a mad dash to break even or face debts.'

 In her letter, the singer also raised the worsening mental health issues for stress-ridden performers.             , writes the artist who says she is blessed to see, on her side, still several of her crowded rooms.