Risk some to go out of the province

Des risques certains à sortir de la province

With the countries that open quietly to their borders, the Québécois might be tempted to escape to the outside of the province, but they expose themselves to risk.

At the present time, it is possible to travel within Canada for travel in all provinces, except Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward island.

Some require, however, to isolate 14 days to the arrival in the province.

Outside of Canada, it is already possible to travel in a few countries, such as Mexico, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the United States, by air.

For Cuba, the dominican Republic, France and Spain, in particular, it will have to wait for the 1st of July.

No insurance

Des risques certains à sortir de la province

Eve Bourdeau
Gendron Travel

However, the federal government announced Saturday that it was keeping its official warning to avoid non-essential travel abroad for Canadians.

So, as long as this warning will be in force, travel insurance companies will refuse to reimburse the medical expenses associated with the COVID-19 contracted in another country.

In spite of everything, many canadians have already started to book holidays abroad in the month of July, according to the agency Gendron Travel.

Safer in Quebec

The company mentions, however, that these latter have much more control over their reservation, because of the uncertainty generated by the pandemic.

“All the companies that sell trips at this time provide the terms and conditions of cancellation or change of date, hyper-flexible. This is the new reality of today “, explains the director of the department of golf of the agency, Eve Bourdeau.

Ms. Bourdeau accurate, all the same, it’s a lot better this time travelling to Quebec.

– With the QMI Agency

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