Riverdale season 4 : a theory on Archie explains why the plots are improbable

Riverdale saison 4 : une théorie sur Archie explique pourquoi les intrigues sont improbables

Riverdale season 4 : a theory on Archie explains why the plots are improbable

But why the intrigue of Riverdale are they so WTF ? A user has a small idea about it ! While the season 4 of the series with KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes returns to the 5 December on Netflix with episode 8, a new theory explains why it happens everything and anything in Riverdale. Attention, spoilers !

Riverdale, this is really more what it was. Since season 2, the series was a little twisted, wrapping the plots wildly improbable. Archie attacked by a bear, multiple twists and turns on the identity of the Gargoyle King or the plan foireux Edgar Evernever, the show is often gone (much) too far. And if there was an explanation to all this ?

Archie-dream-t-it Riverdale ?

It is in any case what think Enchanted_Human, a user of Reddit. On the forum, he explained his theory amazing about Archie (KJ Apa) : according to him, if the story is completely unlikely, it is because we see… a dream of Archie ! If one believes this theory, the character would be in fact in a coma after having been injured and would therefore be in full hallucination. “Each character wants to wake him up but he falls more and more in the coma and it is for this reason that each season is more ‘interesting’ if we can say” we can read.

Impossible ? In fact, we want to say yes but in fact, we would not be against this possibility. It is true that the series has a little anything for several seasons, and this explanation would be pulled by the hair, but we almost want to believe it because it would allow us to have at least one explanation for the quality disastrous series in recent times.

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