Riverdale season 4 : Dylan Sprouse soon in the casting ? The theory surprising

Riverdale saison 4 : Dylan Sprouse bientôt au casting ? La théorie surprenante

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Riverdale season 4 : Dylan Sprouse coming soon to the audition with his brother Cole Sprouse ?

Will we one day see Dylan Sprouse in Riverdale ? This is what some believe is the fans ! According to them, it is not impossible that the twin brother of Cole Sprouse has a major role in the plot of season 4 which continues this Thursday on Netflix. Attention, spoilers !

But who killed Jughead ? Is it really dead ? Why Archie, Betty and Veronica have been arrested for his murder ? These are the questions that the minds of the fans of Riverdale since the terrible revelation of the episode 4 : we could discover the body of the character played by Cole Sprouse in the morgue. Yes, it is a mess always understand what could happen but to the users, themselves, already have a few ideas to explain this twist unlikely.

Dylan Sprouse to play the twin of Jughead ?

After the theory on Archie that would explain why the plots of Riverdale are so WTF, other fans of the series have their own idea about the “death” of Jughead. Because according to them, this would not be the darling Betty who would be in the morgue, but… his sister, played by Dylan Sprouse (aka the true twin of Cole Sprouse in life). According to this theory, surprising noticed by Seventeen, Gladys would in fact have had twins but FP, too pissed at the time, would not realise (was not told that it was credible, huh…). So, it would therefore not be Found who would have died but his twin. But if Jughead is not dead, where is he ? In short, this theory is astonishing, but it introduces many other issues.

In the past, Cole Sprouse had already mentioned the rumor of the coming of his twin at the cast of Riverdale, explaining that it was not going to happen. Referring to the desire of their fans, the darling Lili Reinhart had confided : “I would not want to and Dylan would not do. It would spoil a bit of everything. Many fans of The Life of Cruise of Zack and Cody come to see me, saying to me, ‘it could be fun’. In reality, it would be totally stupid. It will be very strange and inappropriate.” Have they changed your mind ? In any case, if Dylan Sprouse you lack, be aware that it will soon be in the casting of After 2.

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