RK in interview for “Dreams of kids” : “I do not compare to NLP”

RK in interview for “Dreams of kids”” : “I compare myself not to NLP”

It is this Friday, April 5, 2019 that fate is the second album from RK, “Dreams of kids”. Output rather special since the rapper found himself in front of NLP with his opus “Two brothers”. A danger to him ? The interpreter of “This is my blood,” answers in interview with PRBK. He also confides on his new studio project, its feats with Jul, PLK, Sofiane and Icy Narco, or on its age and its success.

“I’m a little bit more released on the second album”

After the big success of “Insolent”, the first album, and RK is back with “Dreams of kids”, his new album carried by the songs “Ne m’en veux pas”, “Redemption” and “This is my blood” in feat with Sofiane. In addition to Fianso, the rapper has collaborated with Jul and PLK : “PLK is an artist that I love, that I listen to a lot. Jul such. Fianso it was a little expected because I was often seen with him, but people like PLK and Jul this is unexpected and it is that which is a delight for people (…) I didn’t want to have feats on my 1st album. I wanted to prove to myself alone, “says RK in interview with PRBK.

On “Dreams of kids”, there is also a feat with Icy Narco, the new phenomenon for us. How is this duo born ? Well, a bit by accident as we told the young artist : “He had missed his plane to go to Los Angeles. He was looking for a studio, there have been calls in the past to the right and to the left. It has come to my ears, and we met in the studio.” The fate makes well things 😉

In any case, RK is actually past at top speed with his second album : “I have more experience than in the first. I’m a little more dropped, opened, and tested. There is experience and maturity, and it is for this reason that this album is completely different“, we he says.

“I prefer to say that my album is out at the same time as that of NLP”

This Friday, April 5, 2019, “Dreams of kids” is faced with “Two brothers” of NLP. RK had been dreading-the release of the album of N. O. S and Ademo, already considered a masterpiece ? Not really, as we confess in all candor : “I compare myself to them. NLP it is two artists confirmed are there for a good time. All the French rap waiting for this album, even I expect it. At the base I also listen to a lot of NLP. I prefer to say that my album is out at the same time as NLP, rather as I lowered my pants pushing the album.

The interview of RK is to find it in full in our slideshow.

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