Robert De Niro and celebrities in a campaign for the wearing of the mask

Robert De Niro et des célébrités dans une campagne pour le port du masque

Several famous actors have lent their voices to the spots of awareness of the port’s mask, the result of an initiative of the State of New York, which will be disseminated throughout the country.

The campaign, entitled “Mask Up America” (America, put on your mask) was launched by governor Andrew Cuomo, in partnership with Tribeca Enterprises, the original company of the Tribeca film festival.

These are small movies to 30 seconds, showing images of anonymous wearing a mask, with a voice-over.

“When you wear a mask “, said the actor Morgan Freeman, in his spot, ” you have earned my respect. Because your mask can’t protect you from you, it’s me he protects. “

“I wear my mask to protect you “, he adds. “Americans, be strong as a New Yorker, put on a face mask. “

The State of New York has been by far the most affected by the pandemic so far.

In total, eight spots have been realized by the director with two Oscars, Kathryn Bigelow, also with the actors Robert De Niro, Jamie Foxx, or even Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy).

Several of them will also be available in audio form.

Questioned by the AFP about the financing of this campaign, the press service of the governor Cuomo has not acted on immediately.

The videos are intended to be distributed throughout the country according to the advertising spaces that will be offered free of charge to the campaign by the broadcasters.

At the beginning of July, the governor Michigan democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, had called on the government to Trump to launch a national awareness campaign in the port of the mask, an application remained a dead letter.

On Saturday, president Donald Trump has worn for the first time a mask in public after having, during several months, refused to put a and fun personalities that popped up with.

After having long refused to make the mask mandatory, a number of governors republicans have recently changed his opinion in favor of an acceleration of the pandemic in their State.

But if Texas or Alabama have made an about-face, Florida and Arizona, two of the States most affected by currently, do not require always not wearing a mask in public.

“We can defeat this virus if we are united, not by being divided by the ideologies or politics,” said Andrew Cuomo, was quoted in a press release.

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