Robert Ménard leaves for a new mandate, a giant tick, a series of incivilities: the essential news in the region

Robert Ménard leaves for a new mandate, a giant tick, a series of incivilities: the essential news in the region

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Robert Ménard new candidate in 2026

#BÉZIERS The dissolution of the Assembly changed the political situation in the city of Riquet. While MP Emmanuelle Ménard had positioned herself as a candidate for town hall in 2026, she now announces, in the middle of the legislative campaign, that she will give it up to complete her mandate as a deputy if she is re-elected.

At the same time, her husband Robert Ménard, who had until now always affirmed that he would not run for a third term as mayor, is changing his tune.< em> "I will continue, I will be a candidate in a year and a half", he announced to Midi Libre, this Wednesday, June 19. An option that he had always ruled out until now."But that changes everything. The calendar is disrupted. And there is no question that Emmanuelle will ask voters to vote for her, only to tell them after a year and a half that she is stopping…hellip; ", he explains. Emmanuelle Ménard, in the middle of the campaign to try to regain her seat in the National Assembly, shares this same choice: "This was not at all what was planned but the dissolution was not planned either."

A giant tick

#GARDIn the town of Arrigas, next to Vigna in the Gard, a giant tick, a new species, already seen in mainland France, was discovered during a butterfly inventory. Fabrice Melet, teacher and naturalist, encourages nature users to be cautious about this mite.

This tick has the particularity of being much larger, of moving much faster and above all, can carry Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever for which there is no known to date neither cure nor vaccine. So be careful.

Incivility at Devil's Bridge

#HERAULT A crisis meeting was organized in Aniane regarding security issues on the busy Pont du Diable site. In question, a series of skirmishes, incivilities and criminal acts occurring on the tourist site of which local residents feel "dispossessed".

Elected officials, association leaders and fishermen denounce violence caused by young people who came there thanks to a bus line which serves the surrounding villages. The firefighters assure that due to these acts of delinquency, there may no longer be enough of them to monitor swimming. Several solutions were mentioned and put under study.

Jubillar affair: the investigation ends three years later

#TARN Three years after the indictment of Cédric Jubillar, on June 18, 2021, accused of having killed his wife, justice is preparing to definitively close this long-term investigation, notes the Dépêche du Midi.

This Thursday, June 20, the investigating chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal should, during a hearing behind closed doors, notify all parties in the case of the end of the investigations on the murder of Delphine Jubillar, this 33-year-old nurse, who mysteriously disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, in Cagnac-les Mines, and whose body was never found. The decision to refer it to the courts should be known in the coming days.

Today's figure: 450

#LOZÈRE This is in km, the route of Franck Delorme, a cyclist from Florac who completed a tour of the department in less than 40 hours. A challenge (8 200 m of positive altitude difference) for the benefit of the association Du soleil en pédiatrie which finances projects for children hospitalized in Mende.

He was supported throughout his journey as in La Canourgue where the Cyclos de Malpas accompanied him for a few kilometers, and the Sacré-Cœur school made an appeal to donations. Several town halls also helped.

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