Robot “rebelled” against the staff of the Amazon

Робот "восстал" против сотрудников Amazon

24 people were taken to the hospital. Twenty-four members of the Amazon warehouse was in the hospital after an accident with robot – machine struck the balloon with bear repellent, which led to the dissipation of large doses of the irritating gas. One of the injured was in intensive care in serious condition, reports the with reference to

The rebellious robot

More than 50 people were injured in the incident with the robot on one of the Amazon warehouses in new Jersey, he accidentally punctured the tank with a spray that deters bears. 24 injured were sent to nearby hospitals for breathing difficulties. It is reported that one of the employees was connected to a respirator and is in intensive care in serious condition.

Part of bear repellent includes capsaicin is the alkaloid contained in various kinds of Cayenne pepper. He is also an active component percovich cans, as it is an irritant of natural origin. Inhaled spray capsizing Amazon employees EN masse complained of pain in the eyes, burning sensation in the throat and difficulty breathing.

It was initially reported that the cause of the incident was spontaneous rupture of the container of repellent due to the fall, however, the police found that the cause of the leak spray was the puncture – it was done by one of the robots working in the warehouse.

“The machine accidentally broke the balloon with bear repellent with a volume of 260 ml that resulted in the release of concentrated capsicin”, – stated in the message of police of the city of Robbinsville, where the accident happened.

Amazon released a statement which confirmed that “the damaged aerosol” was the cause of the fumes in the warehouse.

“The safety of our employees is a top priority, so all workers were sent to the safe area, and the victim was given necessary help”, – said the representative of the company.

In addition, he reported that all are hospitalized, “are likely to be released within the next 24 hours.” It is unclear whether it will affect the prognosis of the employee who is in intensive care.

Gradual robotization and technology development has led to the fact that robots have to work in the factories and warehouses along with other employees. Unfortunately, no car is immune from a breakdown or failure in the system, which sometimes leads to unpleasant and even fatal consequences.

In 2015, the contractor of the Volkswagen died at one of the factories of the company, he was responsible for the installation of stationary robot, when suddenly the machine turned on and hit the man. He later received traumas he has died in hospital.

Despite the fact that according to the first law of robotics Asimov a robot may not injure a human being, machines are often the cause of injuries in the workplace. According to ZDNET, 1984, in American factories was recorded 38 accidents involving robots, of which 27 have been fatal.

Dirty Amazon

Despite the accidental nature of the incident in Robbinsville, it is not surprising that the accident occurred in the warehouse of Amazon in April this year, the national security Council U.S. employees included the company of Jeff Bezos in the “dirty dozen” most dangerous places to work. Since 2013, seven employees of the warehouses of Amazon died from the so-called “preventive reasons,” for example, one of them was hit by a truck, and the second crushed by a forklift.

In addition, the employees of the company for several consecutive years repeatedly complained about unacceptable working conditions at many Amazon warehouses.

Some taken away by ambulance due to exhaustion – in the press appeared information about the fact that if a person does not have time to pack for two items per minute, it immediately fired.

In may of this year it became known that many workers Amazon do not risk once again to leave your seat to use the toilet and therefore carry a bottle to pee in them, and the contents poured into the trash cans on the floor. The fact that the long absence of their place, even for a good cause, noted by the Manager and deducted from the employee’s working hours.

CEO Jeff Bezos prefers to ignore all the negative reports, saying that, if it were true, nobody would work for him in such inhuman conditions.

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