“Roller coaster this is not to compare”: Lilia Rebrik told of the endured stress

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"Американские горки с этим не сравнить": Лилия Ребрик рассказала о пережитом стрессе

Liliya Rebrik

Famous actress and presenter Liliya rebryk in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”, admitted that for the first time slept through the morning air.

Watch as Liliya Rebrik voiced cartoon character:

Liliya Rebrik today woke Ukrainians together with fiery guys in the band “TNMK” – a Fagot and Fozzy. Though not without its oddities.

“I is the trend today and now I tell you why. Today I first time in my life I’ve overslept. At six in the morning, I woke up at 6:30 was already in the air, like get the job done. To be honest, I came to work in flip-flops, as climbed in the first thing that came to hand,” admitted Lily Rebrik in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

"Американские горки с этим не сравнить": Лилия Ребрик рассказала о пережитом стрессе

Liliya Rebrik and the band “TNMK”

Immediately upon completion of the program, Lily walked over to star and co-host thanked for the support, and after a few minutes in Instagram stars appeared post which opened the curtain.

“Every morning man once experiencing the greatest stress in my life! And no: this is not his first live! This is the day when he overslept! And today it happened to me! I woke up at 6.00 (just woke up). Of course, in the end, I managed, but in the frame – literally flew! At 6.30 I was already in the air! Can happen, and five minutes to do makeup and hair! Uhhhh, what adrenaline, extreme sports, the HORROR! No roller coasters this is not to compare. Special thanks to the guys from “TNMK” for support. Incidentally, they also opozdali today And you have been such? What is important you slept?” – posted by Liliya Rebrik on his page in Instagram.

Watch the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”.

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