Roman (Married at first sight 2020) married to Delphine : knew it already before the show ?

Romain (Mariés au premier regard 2020) marié à Delphine : la connaissait-il déjà avant l'émission ?

Roman (Married at first sight 2020) married to Delphine : knew it already before the show ?

Coup de theatre Monday 6 January 2020 in the first episode of season 4 of Married at first sight, broadcasted on M6 : Roman and Delphine have a friend in common, Audrey. A question then arises : of the two candidates, who were married knew of it before their participation in the program ? The fish 31-year-old replied.

First wedding in Married at first sight 2020 ! While the season 4 of the show of dating began on Monday 6 January 2020 on M6, the viewers have already been able to attend a first marriage among the 7 available : the Roman (31 years old) and Delphine (30 years). Compatible to 82 %, which is the home agent at a college and one who is a fishmonger and father of a little girl of 6 years have said yes in front of the mayor and in front of their loved ones, while they did not know each other… which is not the case of Audrey, a friend of the bride who knew very well the groom and his family !

Roman knew it, Delphine before Married at first sight ?

To reassure both sides. But a question then arises : Roman he had already met Delphine before ? He responded in an interview with TVMag Le Figaro. “I saw Audrey, a childhood friend of my parents among the guests of Delphine. And yet. I assure you that we didn’t know. Audrey I was known when I was a teenager. I went to his wedding, I spent holidays with her and my family. But, I was never actually meet Delphine. It was unlikely that she attends my wedding.”

This is not the first time that this kind of situation occurs : at the end of last season, Elodie and Steeven realized just after their marriage that they had already talked about it on a dating application ! In any case, their history seems part and we wish them the same happiness that to Charline and Vivien, who have now moved in together and are planning to renew their wedding vows.

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