Roman (Married at first sight 2020) tired of the situation : “Delphine does not supply enough”

Romain (Mariés au premier regard 2020) lassé de la situation : "Delphine ne se livrait pas assez"

Roman (Married at first sight 2020)

As soon as their eyes met in Married at first sight 2020, Delphine and Roman have had a real blow of heart for one another and quickly become very accomplices. But during the honeymoon trip, Roman said, “be weary of the situation”. In the interview for Purebreak, he is back on his doubts, on their relationship, or on the reaction of her ex in the face to their participation in the program.

Purebreak : Is it possible to speak of a lightning strike between Delphine, and you ?

Roman : Completely, yes. I think that is seen at the town hall. We could see in our eyes and in our way of acting, that there was really something. When I saw it for the first time, I said to myself, “wow, what a woman, what charisma !”. The joy that she exuded, that’s what I was looking for in a woman. So she met the criteria that day.

You imagined that things would happen as well between you ?

Not at all. After, of course, that I have made this experience so that it happens in the best way possible and I knew that I had put everything that was possible in the hands of the experts to find someone who fits me. Find someone who corresponds to me, it was a fact, after that there is as much alchemy input and it goes on like this, no I was not ready. I was not expecting such a complicity and elsewhere, as we can see, there is much spent by the complicity and fun to seduce.

With hindsight, it is I who have been too fast

What is it that you blocked at the beginning of the honeymoon ?

When I say that I will soon get tired of the situation, I am referring to the fact that Delphine has trouble engaging. It was discussed but never of concrete things and it is true that I embêtait a little because we had that 4 days before us and I wanted to know as much as possible. I can’t say that I was disappointed, we spent a wonderful honeymoon trip. I say I’m going to get tired of the situation because I feel that Delphine does not have enough in his words. After that, with the benefit of hindsight, it is I who have been too quick certainly. I am someone who I am a little impatient.

You have set a time before discussing the problem, why ?

It’s been 24 hours that we knew each other, so obviously it has not said everything, we knew nothing of one another. After that, I learned that Delphine was very fearful, as she remained on her guard against his past, because of his disappointments in love, and by his shyness. I had a hard time to understand that by his shyness, she was actually very interested in me, that all liked him. She did not want to book, she didn’t want to say everything in one shot because she was afraid that the situation will reverse, or that I don’t feel the same.

The discussion that you had was enough to remove the doubts that you had ?

Yes, really. I think that there are discussions that we have had in the off or in front of camera that were really beneficial. Me I need to know where I was stepping, I really needed to know what she thought. I would have rather live the honeymoon trip, saying “we don’t ask questions and we’ll see” but I’ve really been looking forward to. I realized afterwards. She quickly understood and opened up to me.

At this moment, we can’t talk about love

At this time there, you look very much in love, this is the case ?

I think, that at this moment, we can’t talk about love, very sincerely. We can speak of attachment, feelings that begin to be born, of lack when we do not see too much. But at this point, one can not speak of love. There is much talk by the laughter, there is complicity, but not love.

During the honeymoon trip, you spent it one step further. It was the right time ?

There is no good or bad times. It is a choice between 2 consenting individuals, it was in an idyllic place, it’s still a honeymoon trip. Who says honeymoon is said necessarily everything that follows, I’m not going to make you a drawing. After that, is that it was the right time ? Yes, because today we do not regret it. It was part of the continuity of things when it is going well. If Delphine had been reluctant, as it would have happened otherwise and I would have respected her choice, as I have always done since the beginning.

When I see the honeymoon coming to an end, I wonder how will be the return to Marseille

You feared that the euphoria of the honeymoon falls returning ?

Yes, we left in conditions that are gorgeous, we went on honeymoon but I know very well that this idyll will not last. We both worked, we both invested in our professional lives, I understand very quickly that she loves the sport, she is active so I dread the return to Marseille. I approached the couple’s life because it knows when you are on a honeymoon trip that there is a risk to leave together and not each on his side, so obviously I have to ask the question. When I see the honeymoon coming to an end, I wonder how will be the return to Marseille.

You say you want to wait for the right moment to make him meet your daughter. What is the good time for you ?

The right time for me, this is the time where I feel, where I will be fine. I wouldn’t expect to know if it is the woman of my life or not. The moment I know that we are going to do a bit of the path together, I think that I would present my daughter. My daughter is a child, very mature for his age, if I introduced him to Delphine, it is because I know that there will be a story behind it.

My ex has trouble my involvement because she was scared for the image of my daughter

That think the mother of your daughter for your participation in Married at first sight ?

What the embêtait, it was vis-à-vis my daughter, vis-à-vis his image. But after that, it’s been 4 years that we are separated, I have never been happy in my life, she sees a look outside. Upon learning that I was going to marry me then that I had always refused to marry me in 14 years of common life with it, it was badly taken. Far be it for me to say that there are still feelings, they respect a lot, we get on very well for our daughter, it was important when we were separated and today our daughter is happy because it means well. But lo and behold, she was wrong because she was scared for the image of my daughter. I’m not saying that she realizes what she has lost and she wants to come back, absolutely not, it is she who is a party to, she has remade her life.

Is it that she has been reassured by seeing the first episodes ?

We don’t talk about it. I reassured. She knows very well that I am a good dad, so she knows very well that I will not do anything that tainted the image of my daughter. However, for me, it was important to play the sincerity with the production and it was unavoidable to say that I was a dad, because it’s part of my daily life, because I am the man I am today. I will not be the same if I wasn’t a dad so this is super important.

Aqababe has unveiled a photo of Delphine and you together now, you answer what ?

I made him this message, with a big smile : “you would have been able to find a better one, because on the photo, I can’t recognize me”.

Interview by Marion Poulle. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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