Roméo Elvis : Angèle absent from the album “Chocolate”, the rapper explains

Roméo Elvis : Angèle absente de son album "Chocolat", le rappeur s'explique

Roméo Elvis : Angèle absent from the album “Chocolate”, the rapper explains

This is the big day for Romeo Elvis : his first solo album “Chocolate” is now available ! A first album for which he invited M, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Zwangere Guy and Témé Ta… but not his little sister Angela, or Lomepal with whom he collaborated on “1000 degrees”. The two artists had yet to appear there. The interpreter of “Normal” is explained !

Romeo Elvis in feat with M on “Chocolate”

While his album “Chocolate” was scheduled for April 5, 2019, Romeo Elvis has decided to shift its output to the 12 April to make way for the battle of Booba and Kaaris which was to be held the same date at Brussels. Her first album without The Motel is therefore the day today. In the program, 19 pieces, including “Normal” and “Sick”… And while all the world expected of feats with Lomepal, Orelsan, or Angela, the rapper has finally collaborated with-M-, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Zwangere Guy and Témé Ta.

The choice of artists are quite surprising and original, but the mix of styles sounds very good. The duet with Mathieu Chedid, “Paranoid”, is hyper-efficient : it is recognized in the world of -M – at the level of the beats. In any case, the album “Chocolate”, which is in TT France, is already a lot to react on the social networks : some people place it even above that of NLP, “Two brothers”.

Lomepal and Angela would be present on the album…

The opus is rather well received by the public of Roméo Elvis, but did you know that Lomepal and his little sister Angela had to be present in “Chocolate” ? “I had planned a piece with Lomepal but it did not find its place in the disc. And recorded it with Angèle, a new song is an atomic bomb. But given the success of forget about it, we found it a pity to take them out immediately, “said the interpreter of “Dessert”. We hope to be able to listen to the two songs very quickly !


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