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Roméo Elvis looks back on his cult duet with his sister Angèle: “It was an expectation of my daronne”

Back in stores with his new album entitled “Everything can happen”, Roméo Elvis took advantage of his presence on the show En Aparté (Canal +) to return to his relationship with his sister Angèle and their famous duet on the title “Tout to forget”. And the husband of Lena Simonne entrusted it, it was in particular to please their mother.

Roméo Elvis explains his duet with Angèle

In 2018, Roméo Elvis and Angèle made the whole of France dance with the title Forget everything. An important collaboration for the career of brother and sister (the song was certified Diamond Disc, the clip received a Victoire de la Musique) that the rapper explains in a funny way.

Present this week on the show En aparté, Roméo Elvis was indeed invited to return to the origin of this now emblematic duo. His answer ? “It was to meet an expectation of my daronne who absolutely wanted us to do a piece together. And that's it, we did it, that's all“.

A real bond for the brother and sister

What to understand that he is not the first fan of the song which nevertheless allowed him to make himself known to the general public? We reassure you, this is not the case. >” he immediately assured after having made this astonishing confidence. On the other hand, he clarified, there was absolutely no calculation behind this title, simply a desire to share together, “ It was not a necessity, but she's my sister.”

While it wasn't always easy between the two, “Before, we was a bit of a dog and a cat“, Roméo Elvis confessed that they had seen in this collaboration an opportunity to materialize an evolution in their lives, “From my 18 years or from his 18 years, we started getting along really well. (…) [During this title] We are starting to get along very well, to be more and more accomplices.

A complicity that we unfortunately did not find with other duets on their new albums (“Nonante-Cinq” for her, “Everything can happen” for him), even if this can be explained by the recent media storm experienced by the rapper following an accusation of sexual assault brought against him in 2021 and which did not remain without consequences for the singer, a collateral victim of the controversy.

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