Roméo Elvis : no, it has not shifted the release of “Chocolate” for NLP… but for Booba and Kaaris

Roméo Elvis : non, il n'a pas décalé la sortie de "Chocolat" pour PNL... mais pour Booba et Kaaris

Romeo Elvis reveals the real reason for the date change of the “Chocolate”… and this is not NLP

Romeo Elvis-t-he shifted the release date of “Chocolate” because of the album “Two brothers” of NLP ? The big brother of Angela must surely hear this question several times a day. Well, you know that Ademo and N. O. S are not the real reason for this change of program, but all of a sudden, what is it ? You might be surprised.

It is this Friday, April 12, that Romeo Elvis will unveil “Chocolate”, his first solo album (without The Motel). A first album, consisting of nineteen tracks including a feat with M, which originally was released on 5 April, but the rapper has decided to shift… to a fan : “I have received a PM from a fan, which will be held on April 5 and I really want all of your attention at a time when it will be released.” Except that some people wonder if this change is not due to the arrival of the opus “Two brothers” of NLP.

The album “Chocolate” shifted because of Booba and Kaaris

If RK has decided not to change the date of the “Dreams of kids” unlike Columbine with the re-release “Goodbye, goodbye”, what is it, Romeo Elvis ? Well, the performers of “DD” are not at all the reason why he has postponed the release of “Chocolate as it has announced this decision well before NLP announces the arrival of his album. In reality, the real reason is… the battle of Booba and Kaaris which was to take place on 5 April in Brussels. We are all still waiting !

“On had planned this date for a few months. I know the guy who had to organize the battle in Brussels. It has, therefore, moved not for NLP, but for two other rappers. This is pretty much the same thing in the end, “said Roméo Elvis on the set of Clicks on Canal +. A info that he has also confirmed on Twitter. All is explained of the move.

“Outings like that, it is exceptional”

The big brother of Angela then reacted to the phenomenon of NLP and all the hype around the album, “Two brothers” : “It is exceptional outings like that. Like everyone else said, this is a mega-tsunami. Myself I’m in promo for ‘Chocolate’ and it speaks to me so much of ‘Two brothers’ that’s my album.


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