Romeo Elvis will switch to Charlie and the Chocolate factory for the clip “Chocolate”

The clip “Chocolate” Romeo Elvis

Romeo Elvis continues to illustrate his first album without The Motel, “Chocolate”. After the clips of Normal, Diseased, and Sun, the rapper belgian reveals the Chocolate in which it is transformed into Charlie and the Chocolate factory to offer children treats magic. The video is to discover on PRBK !

It is the 12th of April last that Romeo Elvis has unsheathed his album “Chocolate”. A disk, almost platinum, composed of 19 tracks, including Normal, Diseased, and Sun, and of feats with-M-, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Zwangere Guy and Témé Ta. The success is the appointment for the opus, but also for belgian artist : it proved a massive hit with his tour Chocolate Tour and record 4 nominations at the NRJ Music Awards in 2019, 3 with her sister Angela for the song “forget Everything” (Groupe/duo francophone Song and Clip of the year) and a solo as a Revelation in a French year.

“You shouldn’t start the chocolate”

Before you know if Romeo Elvis is going to leave the ceremony with one or more trophies, the rapper continues the promo of his first album without The Motel with the video for her latest single , Chocolate. A clip in which he slips into the skin of Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate factory for a tour of his factory in three children who take pleasure in a taste of chocolate magic. But as you have probably understood, the chocolate here is a metaphor to speak of the time where he used and sold drugs.

Romeo Elvis is the book elsewhere about his past in the piece : “Eh, I reminds me of when I was 17 it was ksaar / I still thought that I was going to finish / photographer And I had no style except for a pair of Vans / school they smoked too much chocolate (…) Should not start the chocolate / But if you do need to always be 2 / My friend, I hope that you are strong in math.” Obviously, 1+1= 2 😉

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