Romeo, the black cat of Emile

Roméo, le chat noir d’Emile

Sara Gaudreault has a great story to tell, that of a black cat, adopted in the midst of a pandemic, who has helped his son to overcome fear and to rediscover the moral.

Sara Gaudreault is a manager of the cosmetics in a Pharmaprix. His son, Emile Gaudreault Gagnon. This 14 year old boy, rather shy and reserved is a student in secondary 1.

The arrival of the COVID-19 and the containment makes it particularly anxious, sad, and stressed, in the words of his mother.

“It’s a boy a very shy person who does not speak much, but I knew that he felt sad and isolated, especially with the announcement of the minister Roberge about schools that don would open on not,” she says.

“We already had a cat by the name of Vladimir to the house. A grey cat. A good cat, but that is always with me, ” says Ms. Gaudreault.

“Emile told me often that he wished he had his cat with him,” she says. “I said to myself : let’s Take this negative moment to look for a good cat Emile ! “

Emile and his mother went twice to the SPCA Roussillon. Their research does not bear fruit. “There is even a cat a little wild that bit me two times in 3 minutes,” says Sara Gaudreault, a little incredulous. It was there that she explained to Emile that it is the cat who should choose it. This was clearly not the case, then they leave empty-handed.

A few days later, the shelter contacted Ms. Gaudreault because they have an adorable black cat to give away. The latter has been abandoned by the previous owner for reason of health : a urinary blockage. Said cat is in the family home, ready to be adopted, but he will need to eat a diet veterinarian specializing. “It’s just as well since my cat Vladimir is already on this diet,” says Ms. Gaudreault.

fear of black cats

However, there is a catch : Emile is afraid of black cats… A fear without apparent reason.

Emile said of the black cats that… ” one does not see that their eyes shine in the dark “. Emile was afraid to see this in the middle of the night. “He was fearful, but I told him that the color had nothing to do with the behavior of a cat,” says his mother. And they decided to go see it.

“On the spot, this beautiful little kitty black comes we feel and rubs against our legs,” says Sara Gaudreault. “Emile sits down on a chair and the cat jumps on his lap, puts him to cuddle in purring. “And there, the eyes full of water, Emile said to him :” Mom, I think that the cat chose me ! ”

Well yes ! Romeo (this is the new name of the cat) was without doubt chosen Emile since this day, they are always together. Inseparable. “There are long moments where Romeo purrs, lying on Emile, without moving,” says Sara Gaudreault, who adds that Emile has so much love for Romeo that he is able to clean the litter box ! “Emile has regained his good mood and his joy of living,” she says, ” and it makes me happy. “

Now, Emile has no fear of black cats. Of course he sees the eyes of Romeo glow in the dark but not more than those of Vladimir, the grey cat of his mother.

“It brings me calm and a lot of trust in me. It gives me the good mood “me,” he says. “I am never alone with Romeo “.

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