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Ron DeSantis: a chaotic candidacy that delights his opponents

Ron DeSantis: a chaotic candidacy that makes his opponents happy


The chaotic announcement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's candidacy for the US presidency, broadcast live on Twitter on Wednesday, allowed his opponents to have the wind in their sails since they used it to put a damper on his start to the campaign.

Donald Trump's main opponent first posted a video on Twitter in which he promised to “lead America's great comeback”. 

The governor was then to participate in a live exchange with Twitter boss Elon Musk in which he was to explain the motivations for his candidacy. However, the event, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of people, did not go as planned at all. Many technical problems interfered with the broadcast of the show, preventing the candidate from explaining himself.

“Thank you for your patience”, then hastened to say Elon Musk, who was trying to manage the chaos.  

“Technical problems. Awkward silences. A total failure,” a spokesperson for Donald Trump told AFP.

The Devil and Adolf Hitler are getting involved

Former US President Donald Trump used this opportunity to put a spoke in the wheels of his opponent in the Republican primaries.

The latter posted a parody of the announcement on Instagram where we see Ron DeSantis interact with Adolf Hitler, the Devil, the FBI and lobbyist George Soros, often targeted by the far right.

In another video posted on Donald Trump's account, we can see a montage of an explosion of a Space X machine with “Ron 2024” written on the images.

The situation has also caused the clan of current President Joe Biden to react.

“This link works”, can we read Joe's Twitter account Biden with a link redirecting users to his fundraising campaign. 

The 80-year-old politician will be running for re-election.

The Divided Republican Clan< /strong>

Several Republican voters have denounced Donald Trump's behavior.

“Now is not the time to pit conservatives against each other! DeSantis did nothing wrong. He’s a fantastic governor,” one woman commented.

“STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD! It only hurts the Republican Party at a time when we MUST win the presidency, wrote one netizen. Lead this campaign with dignity and may the best man win. This behavior does not help you. He's hurting the party and the country.”

“DeSantis has my vote,” responded another user. You are not able to control what comes out of your mouth, which prevents Democrats from voting for you. If you want to win, you have to charm both sides.” 

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