Rosalie Vaillancourt expresses doubts about Julien Lacroix’s apology

Rosalie Vaillancourt expresses doubts about Julien Lacroix’s apology

Formerly a friend with Julien Lacroix, the one who supported the denunciations of his alleged victims last July expressed doubts about the comedian’s apology, made Tuesday on social networks. In a cry from the heart, Rosalie Vaillancourt also claimed he was preparing his backstage comeback, contrary to what he claimed.

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After six months of silence, Julien Lacroix came out of his silence on Tuesday, posting a long message on his Facebook page to explain the journey he had started since nine women denounced his sexual misconduct in July, in The duty.

There he claims to have started a “long therapeutic process which will last all [sa] life ”and confessed his alcoholism problem.

In the evening, Rosalie Vaillancourt denounced this first public outing, rather hasty in her eyes.

“It’s only been six months,” she wrote. […] it’s so rushed and I admit that I have difficulty seeing that it has come a long way with the victims. There we are talking about years of violence. Teenage girls who finished their masters this year and who still have his presence in mind. They were so marked that they decided, 10 years later, to speak to the Duty. And you, in six months …? There is a lack of proportion there. ”

“I am in good faith,” she added. I have good hope in life. I am for redemption. But right now, it seems to me like a formatted message. A message written by image professionals. ”

Back to work?

In his publication, Julien Lacroix said Tuesday not to speak publicly in order to find the spotlight. “This speech, I do not do it with the aim of announcing a return. I do it to apologize to the people I have deeply hurt, ”he said.

However, Rosalie Vaillancourt said she was worried by rumors circulating about a production company that is currently working with Julien Lacroix to orchestrate his return.

“Behind every word weighed, he has tested the ground for his return,” she says.

Rosalie Vaillancourt ends her message with a cry from the heart, where she addresses the artists who have “liked” the publication of Julien Lacroix.

“A question to the artists I know very well and who have liked Julien’s publication: would you have liked this publication if it was your daughter who had been raped, assaulted or simply forcibly kissed six months after learning about it in the newspapers? Would you really liked an apology from someone who evacuates sexual violence with the excuse: “inner demons”? ”

Then, she hammered again that she wanted a change of culture to take place in the artistic world. “With that, I’m going to keep making you laugh, trying to forget how bad this environment is fake», She concluded.

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