Rosalie’s last hours

Afternoon of April 17, 2018. A few hours before the horror. Rosalie, two, injured her finger. She cries a lot. “The little one is fucking boring,” says her mother, Audrey Gagnon.
The e Audrey Gagnon trial never took place. No one will testify. Defense and Crown motions in the court record provide more insight into the terrible events.

The 23-year-old mother has been living for a few days with a new friend at heart, in an accommodation on avenue Gaspard in Charlesbourg. On April 12, 2018, she and her daughter were evicted from a shelter where they had been living for a month. Earlier, Audrey had lived with her mother, a woman who suffers from psychiatric problems.

In the afternoon of April 17, 2018, Audrey Gagnon smokes cannabis and takes two or three beers. Her friend leaves in the middle of the evening. At this moment, Rosalie is sleeping in the living room. Audrey stays because she has not found a babysitter.

The murder will take place at an hour that remains undefined. Audrey Gagnon goes to find what she calls a “Nazi dagger” and stabs the little girl with 32 stab wounds to the head and back.

The pathologist can never be categorical. But it is not excluded that the mother first strangled her child. When the blows are struck, the child is unconscious, but still alive.

After killing Rosalie, Audrey Gagnon wraps the child in a blue blanket and places her in her stroller. The mother walks to the Terrasse Bon Air park, not far from the accommodation. She quickly abandons the stroller, whose wheels are blocked by snow.

Audrey takes Rosalie’s body in her arms. Leaving the park, she sees a green trash can on avenue De Gaulle. She drops the little girl’s body to the bottom of the trash and moves the bin to the back of a residence.

The mother then returns to the accommodation on avenue Gaspard. She cleans up all traces of blood and throws the dagger into the building’s exterior trash can.

Around midnight, Audrey texts her friend by writing to him that the child is with his grandmother and that she would like him to come back quickly because she needs him.

The friend returns around 4am and notices the absence of the child, without being alarmed. Audrey Gagnon is listening to music. She has a small wound on the left palm. Audrey Gagnon will later say that she engraved a star of Jacob with a razor blade.

According to the Crown’s evidence, the man and woman will have sex and then fall asleep.

In the footsteps of Audrey Gagnon

At 7:15 am on April 18, an employee of Loisirs Bourassa called 9-1-1 to report the presence of an abandoned stroller in Bon Air Park. The lady added that the images from the body’s surveillance cameras show a woman arriving with a child in the stroller and leaving with the child in her arms.

When they arrive in the park, the police find that the empty stroller is stained with blood stains. They also see a white child’s scarf and a Dalmatian doggie, both blushed. The police find Audrey Gagnon’s purse, with her cell phone inside and a small piece of paper indicating the name and telephone number of the DYP worker who followed the mother and daughter.

The police first go to see Audrey Gagnon’s mother. The lady confirms that they spoke to her daughter on the phone around 9 p.m. the day before. Audrey Gagnon said she needed the money and wanted to entrust Rosalie to her for the night.

The police then meet the man who houses Audrey Gagnon. The investigators finally went to the housing on avenue Gaspard to meet Audrey Gagnon.

The young mother claims that Rosalie is with an uncle, whose address she is unable to provide. When the information turns out to be false, Audrey Gagnon is arrested for obstruction. She agrees to board a police vehicle and drives the investigators to the residence where she left the baby’s body. Audrey Gagnon was later arrested for homicide and taken to the police station. She will provide an incriminating statement between 8 p.m. and midnight.

Six months later, while Audrey Gagnon was incarcerated at Leclerc Detention Center, investigators from the Quebec police would meet her with a blood sample warrant.

The young woman will then make several statements, in violation of her right to silence, according to the defense.

Audrey Gagnon says that there was really a gap on the part of the DPJ, who should have taken care of her child.

She says that she does not remember the event as such. She talks about blockages because “the event was so intense”. Audrey Gagnon cannot believe that “something like that happened”, “that everything was destroyed overnight, that everything was fine”.

She cannot say how many hits she has given. She identifies the dagger in a photo that the investigator shows her.

The young woman says that at the time of the drama, she was not intoxicated, but rather in need of cannabis.

She will tell the investigator “that she does not know how she is doing to be still alive, that she is being tried a lot and, moreover, she has lost her daughter”.

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