Rose Adam: the young actress from La Galère is now a singer

Rose Adam: the young actress from La Galère is now a singer


We discovered her very young in the role of Elle, the daughter of Hélène Florent, in La galère< strong>, as well as in the skin of Nadia, the characterful little sister of Ricardo Trogi from the trilogy 1981, 1987 and 1991. Everything therefore seems to point to a long screen career for Rose Adam, but in her heart there is also music.

Becoming a singer is even what the little Rose dreamed while listening to her idol, Stevie Wonder.

That's why the one we also saw in the movie Charlotte has fun and the series Too > is excited to release Hooked, the first single from a mini-album expected in September.

Hélène Florent and Rose Adam at the time of La Galère, in 2009.

“Being an actress, explains the 23-year-old young woman to Journal, it has always been the parallel of my real life. [The film sets] was my summer camp, but the rest of the year was school and my passion has always been to be a singer. I have always taken singing lessons. It was my career choice since I was very young. 

Behind the plan

Rose Adam had even come up with a plan. At age 5, she was aiming for international star status as a teenager. Like Justin Bieber.
It didn't go as planned.

“I'm not a viral pop star at 16, so I'm late,” says- her, making her interlocutor giggle.

” I said to myself, I have to do like Justin Bieber, that I make myself discovered online,” she continues, before decreeing wisely, thinking back to the escapades of the Canadian star: ” I don't think it's a life that's desirable.”

Wise thinking.

1970s nostalgia

< p>With a melody and rhythm reminiscent of the disco years, his song Hooked testifies to Rose Adam's deep love for the music of the 1970s.

“I'm really nostalgic for that time. It's a huge inspiration to me. It's definitely my favorite music. Growing up, there were a lot of Fleetwood Macs in the house, a lot of blues rock. The first songs I liked were Santana, the Woodstock era. »

Why then an artistic direction focused on disco rather than rock?

“When I discovered ABBA, I went on a trip”, replies Rose Adam.

Helpful family ties

Living her musical passion does not mean that she gives up the game.

“I'm going to keep auditioning,” she says.

She also hopes that people will remember her on-screen roles and that it will “sting.” their curiosity» for her music.

Until it pays off enough, she will continue to work for her uncle, the designer Jean Airoldi.

« During the pandemic, he started a reusable mask company and I handled the shipping. It's 9 to 5, but I started modeling for them and that got me approached by agencies.”

Her family ties to the Airoldis go be seen in the music video for Hooked.

“Co-workers helped me with the costumes. Someone made me a custom coat out of old fabric we found at my mom's which I think was from my uncle's old collections.”

  • < strong>The song Hooked by Rose Adam is available Friday May 5th.