Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair (The New adventures of Sabrina) as a couple ? The rumour revived

Ross Lynch et Jaz Sinclair (Les Nouvelles aventures de Sabrina) en couple ? La rumeur relancée

Ross Lynch (The New adventures of Sabrina) in a relationship with Jaz Sinclair ? The rumour revived

The latest news, Ross Lynch is single for a good time, but it would have apparently found love in the arms of Jaz Sinclair, her co-star in The New adventures of Sabrina (season 2 starts this April 5, 2019 on Netflix). The rumor is revived as a result of new confidences.

After Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie 1 & 2 , and My Friend Dahmer, Ross Lynch interpreter now Harvey Kinkle in The New adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. The actor shared the poster with Kiernan Shipka and as you might guess, rumours of the couple have surfaced during the launch of the first season. Rumors quickly denied by the interpreter of Sabrina. Today, there is a relationship to Ross Lynch with another actress of the series already renewed for a season 3 and 4.

Finished the celibacy for Ross Lynch ?

In December 2018, the fans of The New adventures of Sabrina are inflamed when Jaz Sinclair, aka Rosalind, has posted a lovely message for the birthday of Ross Lynch : “Happy birthday to my favorite, “she wrote in the caption to several photos, accomplices of her and the actor. They were soon imagined as a couple, but the ex-songwriter of Austin Moon in Austin & Ally has made things clear by explaining that they are just friends : “I am the favorite of the favorite, that’s what they always say.

Except that four months later, the rumor between Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair is back ! According to the info from Us Weekly, the two stars were very close at a screening of the series Netflix : “They were sitting in a sofa and he had his hand around her waist. They looked at each other in the eyes, gloussaient and kissed.” Confidences to be taken with a grain of salt of course, but a rapprochement between Harvey and Rosalind in season 2 of the New adventures of Sabrina (discover this 5 April) would it be at the origin of this complicity ? Case to follow.


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