Royal delicacies: named favorite dish of Princess Charlotte

Great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II prefers spicy food

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Королевские деликатесы: названо любимое блюдо принцессы Шарлотты

The family of the Dukes of Cambridge

On the eve of his four-day tour to Pakistan, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the Muslim cultural centre in London. At this event, the Dukes met with the Pakistani culture and traditions of the country. During the conversation with the spiritual leader Aga Khan IV, the conversation turned on national dishes and the wife of Prince William admitted that they sometimes cook at home curry.

Daughter Kate Middleton is spilling the beans about the pregnancy of the Duchess. All the details in the video:

As the words 38-year-old Duchess of The Daily Mail, the family may not share tastes of each other. It turns out that her four year old daughter Charlotte loves curry to go for the gusto, but William prefers that the dish was not that spicy.

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“The family is so hard to cook curry. We always have a separate portion for children, which has no pepper. William loves to dish was seasoned moderately, but with Charlotte and I love witty,” he told Kate Middleton.

The Duke confirmed the words of the couple, but said that is not going to limit yourself to food during their next visit to Pakistan. William even joked that he would take the suit on a bigger size, if because of the enthusiasm of local dishes a little bit better during the tour.

Recall that recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William delighted the British.

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