Rozenko know? Star “Scams in networks” was filmed half-naked, and the video leaked to the network

Розенко знает? Звезду "Аферистов в сетях" сняли полуобнаженной, а видео слили в сеть

today, 12:31

As you know, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Elena-Cristina Swan and the bride of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko, actively leads his Instagram page and often pleases fans of various movies and images.

So, this time the celebrity has published a video in which she, as a stripper, erotic dancing and at the same time demonstrates his own buttocks and other private parts. Therefore Swan decided to present the Ukrainians the new season of “Scams online”.

Розенко знает? Звезду "Аферистов в сетях" сняли полуобнаженной, а видео слили в сеть

Elena-Cristina Swan and Paul Rozenko, photo: Today

“The Director quipped. The fifth season of “Speculators in networks”. The premiere date still don’t know, but I would tell you!”, – she wrote.

Users be like the movie, and they began to rejoice that finally, the wait for the new season of their favorite show and claim that Swan is just beautiful.

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We will remind, a scandalous bride Rozenko has put on a face “bra” and advised Ukrainians “to hammer the bolt”.

Earlier Znayu reported, the bride Rozenko wanted to seduce the naked body, but the Ukrainians pointed out the obvious. wrote, the bride Rozenko shared with the audience the most intimate, look how happy.

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