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Splashed by COVID-19, business seems to be resuming vigorously in private seniors' residences (RPA) in the Mauricie.

Establishment managers from Trois-Rivières even said they expected an excellent year 2022, after months of tumult.

Unit leasing has been at a standstill for much of the past year and a half, especially due to the bad press left by the numerous outbreaks of COVID-19 in CHSLDs and RPAs. According to Gaétan Montplaisir, marketing director of the Manoir residences in his name, the seniors feared contracting the virus and delayed their move to accommodation. But the situation is now settled with the vaccination, and business can resume for good, he said.

“At some point, residents had to eat in their rooms. There was also containment and reduced visits. It was a difficult period for everyone in the market, ”said Gaétan Montplaisir.

“We notice that there are more and more calls for information. The months of January and February could be very good. What is different this year is that many rentals are planned for June and July, ”he added.

The Manoir Gaétan Montplaisir group is a major player in Mauricie with nearly 700 units for rent.

“It's been picking up again for a few weeks. There are more and more visits from interested people. I rented two units two weeks ago and another last week, ”noted Luc Deschênes, general manager of the La Sittelle residence, located in downtown Trois-Rivières.

La However, the pandemic has left its mark on certain residents, shared André Paré, owner of the Fernand Blais residences.

“We notice that there is a little less autonomy. [Residents] need more complementary care services, ”the man said.

In addition, habits established during the pandemic will remain in current RPA practices, added Luc Deschênes. “Several residents have taken a liking to eating in their apartments. They come to get food and go back to their units. It's different from the dining room where there is a specific time, ”he said.

André Paré, for his part, noticed that more and more couples wanted to settle down in his residence. “Before, it was mostly single people. This is new for us, “he said.

With real estate overheating, seniors who are quickly selling their homes and having to find another home. “I see some who have sold in three weeks and they must come quickly. It's really different now, ”added Mr. Deschênes.

As a sign of the impact of the pandemic, CMHC data reported this summer that the vacancy rate for residential units for seniors in greater Trois-Rivières fell from 5.7% to 11.2% between 2020 and 2021.

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