RSA, APL, activity bonus… why the result of the legislative elections can be decisive for the beneficiaries of CAF aid ?

With 4 days to go until the second round of the legislative elections, what measures have been presented by the three major political blocs that could have repercussions on the benefits of the French people ?

Once the new Assembly has been formed and the ministers have been appointed, some measures presented by the future government could impact the social benefits of the CAF. We take stock. 

The RN wants to fight against social fraud

Having come out on top in the first round, the National Rally has a good chance of winning these legislative elections. In its program, the far-right party intends to “rpreserve family allowances for French people and make access to non-contributory social benefits conditional on 5 years of work in France" such as RSA, indicate our colleagues from Thank you for the info. A constitutional amendment could even take place.

The fight against social benefit fraud should also be strengthened. Therefore, a ministry dedicated to the fight against social and tax fraud could be created. The aim being above all to "check that people receiving benefits are still alive, particularly when they live abroad".

The presidential camp wishes to reform the activity bonus

As far as the Ensemble party is concerned, the activity bonus to support low wages should be reformed. The coalition also plans to complete the implementation of solidarity at source with the automatic payment of the RSA, the activity bonus and housing assistance (APL ) from 2025 to all those who are entitled to it. As a reminder, this reform aims to facilitate the process of requesting and renewing these social benefits in order to combat non-take-up and social fraud.

Increase in APL for the New Popular Front

Finally, the New Popular Front proposes to increase APL, family housing assistance (ALF) and housing assistance by 10% social (ALS). In addition, the amount of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), which is currently 1,016.05 euros per month, should be raised to the level of the minimum wage, which will itself be increased to 1 600 euros net.

Emmanuel Macron's RSA reform, which aims to condition the payment of the allowance on the achievement of 15 to 20 hours of activity per week , should be canceled if the left coalition is in power. On the other hand, the NFP does not mention the fight against fraud in its program.

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